Friday, June 26, 2009 it Out!

Have you ever gone to the movies and had to walk out, or rented a movie and have been so shocked by the content, that you had to take it back to the video store, immediately? Well, those days are over because now there are websites that actually go through the work of reviewing movies for us, and give us detailed description on the content of the movie.

This is so helpful to me because another person may recommend a movie and say it is appropriate to see, but I have found that their idea of appropriate, rarely matches up to my idea of appropriate. I rented a movie one time that was highly recommended and just let me tell you.....a scene came on and I could not work the buttons on that remote fast enough, for nothing. I finally got it turned off and then I took it back to the store.

Since then, I haven't rented a movie by recommendation alone.......I will go to and look up any movie we are interested in. I love this site because it lists every detail of nudity, violence, and profanity, so you know up front whether it is going to be a movie that is appropriate to rent or go see. They give you ratings from 1 to 10 on sex and nudity.......violence and gore.......and profanity. 1 being really good and 10 being really bad and inappropriate.

It's a great site, so I hope you all will start checking it out, so you will know in advance what you're getting your self into when you go to watch a new movie. All I have to do is look at the number ratings and that tells me whether I should see it or not. It's great, so check it out!


  1. that's great... we also use just go to the bottom of the page and click 'no thanks' for free usage.

  2. great site. we use for a lot of our movie reviews. i like the # system that your site uses. (plugged in is from james dobson, focus on the family in colorado)

  3. I have used screen it also before, but I will definitely check this site out.

    Thanks for the tip! :)

  4. I usually research the movie before we go to the theatre but I don't check the ones we rent so this will be so helpful. We are in fact going to the drive in tonight so I will have to check this site out.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  5. I will check this out. It is hard to find shows that are good without all the garbage.

  6. Thank you all for sharing the sites that you use...I will have to check them out. I've been using kidsinmind for quite awhile now and I really like it because it's very detailed, so you're left with no surprises!

  7. Thanks!It's exactly the kind of website that I've been looking for!



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