Friday, September 17, 2010

Post Processing on Hannah Burk's Photo!

Thought I'd share my Post Processing on Hannah's photo!  Hannah is such a sweetheart and a dear friend to our family and I appreciate her letting me practice my photography and photoshop skills on her!

This is (sooc) straight out of the camera!  I forgot to change my white balance, so it was on auto. Ugh!   As you can see her skintone, just isn't's a little too pink and the bright sun, made her skin too light on the left side of her face.  Then, the right side of her face is in the shadow, so that needs to be fixed also.

I started out in Adobe Camera Raw and did some tweaking there, but I still wasn't happy with the color of her skintone. Next I opened it up in PSE 7 and did a clean edit with Amanda's Deep Clean 1 and 2 actions (where I removed blemishes, evened out skintone, smoothed skin, burned her lips to make them a little darker etc.) and then I fixed her skintone with Amanda's Stix action. (As you can see, I also got rid of the shadow on the right side of her face and lightened up the shadow on her arm a little bit too!)

Ok, so now I softened her hair and then added the Rustic 7 texture, from Shadow House Creations, set to Normal -layer opacity 90% and erased it off of her skin and hair.  Then I added Patti Brown's Apparition Glow overlay, set to Screen -layer opacity 45%.  I then added Patti's Fantasy II Glow overlay over entire image, set to Normal -layer opacity 11%. Then I ran Amanda's Vignette Options action and only used the Multiply layer to darken the corners a bit. (Do you see the dark spot on her shirt up on her shoulder?  It's from the texture, so I had to fix that!)

I erased the Apparition Glow overlay off of the background in this image and then to fix the spot on the shoulder, I added a layer mask and chose a color next to the spot and brushed it over the shirt, with a soft black brush!

Ok, this was my final edit and in this one, I increased the opacity layer to 100% on the Rustic 7 texture and I like the end result!  I still haven't decided whether this one is my favorite or the image right before it. I was going for a very soft look and I think I accomplished it!  I just hope Hannah likes it too!  So there you have it....I listed the main steps to the post processing, but of course, I didn't list exactly everything I did to the image....just what I could remember, besides it would take way too long, to list every detail. LOL

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Andy & Dave's Road Trip Adventure!

Andy and Dave about to leave on their Harley adventure. These brother's need some serious bonding time!

Don't they look like "biker" dudes? Well, Dave really IS a biker dude, but Andy's just now becoming one!  LOL

Rev 'em up boys! Vrrroom, Vrrroom!

There goes Davey....oh, it's probably not cool to call a Harley rider, "Davey," is it? I meant, "Hey, there goes Dave, that cool biker dude!" hahaha

Annnd......they're off!  (I owe a big thank you to Jane, my sister-in-law, for taking these pics!)
Beautiful Scenery!

Dave chillin' on his Harley! Isn't he cool? This was taken at Craters of the Moon National Monument.

This is in Idaho!

I love this picture of biker Dave!

Before Sunrise in Arco, Idaho! Isn't this beautiful? His iphone takes pretty good pics!

This is highway 22 and Andy said, there was about 200 miles of this! LOL

My honey is home! Oh, how I missed him, but I'm so thrilled he had a great time with Dave. They will have to do this again, for sure!  In fact, from what I understand, next year they will be taking a trip to Alaska!  Oh....what fun they will have! 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Attention Shoplifters....Oh, I mean Photo-lifters!

I guess I will be creating a watermark for my photos soon, because someone swiped one of my photos off of my blog, somewhere around the 21st of July.  When I logged on to my blog sometime after that, it said a photo had been removed and I was shocked to find that my background was completely gone, just solid white! Fortunately, I was able to reinstall my background and nothing else was messed up, at least I don't think so, the rest appears to be ok.
Anyway, that's never happened before, so I wasn't sure what to do, but I think there's a way to track it, isn't there?  Does anyone know if you can track it, to see who took the photo?

Here's the thing....If any of you would like one of my photos, just leave me a comment and ask me if you can have a copy, especially if you're one of my friends or maybe you happen to be in the picture.....I would be more than happy to email it to you!  

I have so many pictures, that I haven't added on my blog for this very reason, until I get a watermark on them, so hopefully I will get to that soon!

Ok, well that about sums it up, so NO MORE PHOTO LIFTING....PLEASE!  Haven't y'all seen those signs in the stores that say, "Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted!"  Maybe we need to make a sign for "Photo-lifters!"  LOL 


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