Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If My Computer Wasn't Already Dead......I'd shoot it!!!

I'm really not a violent person, I'm just frustrated with my computer, I mean how many times is it gonna die on me? Many of you know that it died on me a few months ago, then it started working again......then my husband's computer died......then he got his fixed and then guess what? Yep, mine died again! I guess we have the worst luck with computers! Of course, mine IS 10 years old, so I guess that's understandable. Anyway, I apologize for not being able to visit all of your blogs right now, hopefully we will be able to get my computer fixed soon!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Is Over, but....

My tree still stands! I'm just not ready to take it down yet. Call me crazy, but I love the warm glow of the lights at night and I really want to enjoy it for at least one more week or who knows maybe even two more weeks.

So what's with the balloons you ask? Well let me tell you the story......I thought I was out of bows, so before I knew it, my clever husband started blowing up balloons and putting them on the presents in place of the bows. He even wrote the names on the balloons....I mean really? I have name tags! This is typical, for him to come up with such a funny idea like this, he is a character. The funny thing is......I found out I wasn't out of bows after all, they were right in my closet. I seriously don't know how I didn't see them the first time I looked, but I have to say, I'm actually glad I didn't see them. Ok, so maybe bows are prettier, but the balloons were much more fun and it was a special added touch by my husband. It definitely added to the excitement, when one of the balloons popped, while we were playing a game at the kitchen table. I literally jumped and my heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest, it was pounding so hard. lol It was so loud it sounded like a gun shot! Thanks to Andy's creative and funny idea, we will never forget this christmas!On Christmas Day we played board games the entire day. It really was a blast just laughing and hoopin' and a hollerin'! We enjoyed way too many snacks, fudge, pumpkin pie and goodies and my chicken enchiladas were to die for.

It was a fantastic day and it brought joy to my heart, to have my family together, especially since Michael is leaving for bootcamp in the Army on Jan. 10th.


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