Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Do You See?

AV mode, f/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/25, ISO 200, Focal Length 250.0 mm

When you look at this photo, what do you see? I see an Olympic Swimmer getting ready to push off the wall and begin a race! Seriously, doesn't that look like a stick figure to you? This is a cool tree that I look at, every time I'm in my hot tub. The top was destroyed by hurricane winds a couple of years ago and I'm impressed that it's still standing, since about 50 other trees around it were either snapped off at the trunk or uprooted. While I was squatting down and zooming in on it from my back deck last night, the wind was blowing so hard I thought I was going to fall over. We are having a bit of stormy weather for sure!

Yesterday morning while I was in the hot tub doing my exercises, the wind dragged two of my lounge chairs across the deck and literally picked another chair up and tossed it in the yard and then picked up my terry cloth robe off a chair and tossed it into the hot tub with me. I love being in the hot tub when it's stormy out like was quite fun!

I submitted this photo, into my class gallery, as one of my creative assignments!


  1. This us really cool! I see the swimmer too. I love the cloudy background here. It really adds interest to the picture.

  2. Oh. Thank u so much for the comment about my pictures! Im so glad to hear that you like them. About Creative Techs I have not brought any classes yet (I wouldnt have time to see anything but the free ones right now!) But I know plenty of people who have and are very happy with it. And I must say that the classes are very easy to follow aslong as you don´t miss one! (since they have so much information in each class). The techers over at Creative Techs are super good! John Greengo who teaches the Photography class is my favorite (He works with Art Wolfe when not teaching at creative techs!)

    As you might have seen Ive been in some what of a no posting at all time. I think its because i have learned so much new stuff at Creative Techs that I don't even know where to start using it! Yes and that with having started working part time again has left me with not taking a single picture for weeks!

    About the eyes, Acually Jessica has a free tut on making eyes pop that is pretty good, and a part form that its very much getting the focus right and being blessed with a familly with very nice blue eyes :D But ofc everything can be done in Photoshop if needed (and yes im very sure that Creative Techs will come to that in their 6 month! free photoshop course).

    I use Photoshop CS4 myself.

    And about the Oh Shoot. Actually I have a really hard time with Candice way of teching it doesnt fit me at all :( I love Jessicas classes but this one doesnt feel as professional. Ill try to finish up the last classes but i would always go with John Greengos class on Creative Techs in the future.

    Hope I got all your questions in there. If you wonder anything just let me know!


  3. simply beautifully captured shot...lovely!



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