Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Andy & Dave's Road Trip Adventure!

Andy and Dave about to leave on their Harley adventure. These brother's need some serious bonding time!

Don't they look like "biker" dudes? Well, Dave really IS a biker dude, but Andy's just now becoming one!  LOL

Rev 'em up boys! Vrrroom, Vrrroom!

There goes Davey....oh, it's probably not cool to call a Harley rider, "Davey," is it? I meant, "Hey, there goes Dave, that cool biker dude!" hahaha

Annnd......they're off!  (I owe a big thank you to Jane, my sister-in-law, for taking these pics!)
Beautiful Scenery!

Dave chillin' on his Harley! Isn't he cool? This was taken at Craters of the Moon National Monument.

This is in Idaho!

I love this picture of biker Dave!

Before Sunrise in Arco, Idaho! Isn't this beautiful? His iphone takes pretty good pics!

This is highway 22 and Andy said, there was about 200 miles of this! LOL

My honey is home! Oh, how I missed him, but I'm so thrilled he had a great time with Dave. They will have to do this again, for sure!  In fact, from what I understand, next year they will be taking a trip to Alaska!  Oh....what fun they will have! 


  1. What a great trip, and how fun for them to do this together!

  2. Yeah Mari, they had a blast together! My husband was only able to go for 4 days, but his brother Dave is still cruisin' along by himself.

    This was Andy's first long trip and it was so much fun for him, but he realized he needs to buy some heated gear to keep him warm. It's so awesome that he found a hobby that he LOVES and it's so wonderful of his brother to let him use his Harley!

    I love it in the mornings when I'm still asleep and I hear him start up the bike...it just makes me smile because I know he enjoys it so much! I can't wait til my back is completely healed from the surgery, so I can ride with him, but I know that will be awhile. :( I go back to the surgeon in 8 weeks, so I will ask him then, if I can ride on the harley yet. I hope he says yes!!!

  3. Sounds like fun. My in-laws have a Harley and ride all the time. They love it!

  4. Look like an awesome time! I'm loving the beautiful blue sky in these photos!!

  5. Thanks Leah and Pamela for your comments! Those blues skies really are pretty and I'm surprised the pics actually turned out pretty good considering they were taken with an iphone! :)


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