Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Show Your Skills Linkup!

My friend Amanda of Everyday Elements, is hosting this Show Your Skills linkup and this week, we are using her barbed wire picture with cow's hair tangled up in it! I've included her original image, so you can see the before and after.
If any of you would like to join in, there's still time and hey, if you want to learn how to edit your own pictures Amanda is a great teacher! Check out her website and all of her free video tutorials, plus free actions, textures and editing tips etc.  She also offers very affordable live online workshops, if you're interested and trust me, you will learn sooo much! 

This is my edit and here is a very quick run down of what I did....
Levels adjustment  50  1.12  222 > Hue/Sat adjustment> Saturation +22> Photo Filter> Blue 77%> added some overlays and a texture at different opacities, until I got the colors I wanted. I used Soft Light blending mode on all of them except one...on that one, I used the Saturation blending mode!  I darkened the barb underneath the wire just a smidge and I sharpened the middle of the barb just a smidge also. As you can see, I like may not be appealing to some, but I am drawn to warm colors!  :)
This is Amanda's original sooc image!  I love this shot and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with it in photoshop elements!  Thanks Amanda, this was fun! :)


  1. I love your edit! You are getting really good at this!
    I was wondering if you would edit a picture for me. If it's too much, please tell me (I won't be offended) :)
    I took a picture of Andy when he was home, and I really like it, but the lighting is harsh and I still haven't done anything about getting photo shop. I thought maybe it could be fixed up. But again - please don't say yes if I am asking too much!

  2. Mari, I would be happy to see what I can do to fix it, for you! Do you still have my email address? If you do....attach it as a file not as a photo, so that your email server doesn't size it down. Can't wait to see the picture!

  3. Beautiful, Debra! Love the color hues you brought out and the subtle texture!! Fantastic job!

  4. I really like your edit. What kind of camera do you use? I am thinking of getting a "real" camera for my birthday!

  5. That's beautiful Debra - great job!

  6. Thanks Amanda and Sara, I'm really happy with the color hues and originally, I wasn't going to add a texture, but I changed my mind and decided to make it suble. :)

    Sara, I have a Canon EOS Rebel XSi and I love it! Mine is a couple of years old....the newer model is the Canon EOS Rebel T2i. If you check out they usually have cameras on sale before christmas. My husband bought mine at costco and it was originally $1000 but he got it for $800.00 and it came with 2 lenses, so it was a really good deal. :)

  7. Oh hey thanks Stacey, you snuck your comment in, as I was adding mine. LOL

  8. FABULOUS WORK, Debra!!!!
    Yes, I know Amanda's blog: she is a great photographer!
    You won't believe, but I do NOT use photoshop; I've got a very simple photoediting program; I adjust my pics just a little tiny bit...!

    love your visits in my Tuscany always!!!!
    ciao ciao elvira

  9. How interesting to make something pretty out of something sharp and dangerous.

    Thank you for following Pictures Just Pictures.

    I’ve now used all the allotted space for photos there and have started a new blog so I can carry on. It’s called

    Message in a Milk Bottle

    I’ve given it a different look but its purpose is unchanged - a photo a day.




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