Monday, May 9, 2011

I've earned $25 in Amazon Gift Cards through Swagbucks....check it out!

Have you heard about Swagbucks?  I remember hearing about it, when they first started out a few years ago and I was very skeptical and dismissed it.  I mean come on, how can you earn money just by using their search engine, really? Boy was I really can and it's easy to boot!  I kept seeing people post on their blogs about how they bought their christmas presents with swagbucks and I finally decided to give it a try, so I downloaded their toolbar and now when I'm on my computer searching, I am periodically awarded swagbucks. So far to date I've earned 2,378 swagbucks (*note: you will see below on my widget that I don't have that many and that's because I've redeemed 2,250 already)!  You can redeem your swagbucks for products in the swagbucks store or for gift cards and I like using mine on $5 Amazon gift cards. I now have five $5 Amazon gift cards which = $25 that I can spend whenever I want.  Cool huh? 

Here's another thing I just can earn 10 swagbucks for every coupon you print (from swagbucks website here) and redeem at your local grocery store.  This is great for me because I've just recently started couponing! woot woot

Here is a link if you'd like to check out How It Works and here is their FAQs page where you can find out more about earning and redeeming swagbucks. 

I've included the widget below for those of you who would like to sign up and start earning some free money! (just click on the sign up button in the bottom right corner of the widget)


  1. I love Swagbucks! I have $150 in my Amazon account from it.

  2. Wow Mari that's awesome! What all do you do to earn swagbucks? So far I've earned most of mine just from searching the web, but when I remember I do the daily polls and I've also watched some videos, but I haven't tried anything else yet.

  3. Here's a post I did with the things I do to earn them:

  4. Thanks so much for all the info Mari, now I know how to earn more swagbucks! You're awesome! :)

  5. Thanks for the info. I have heard of that but never looked into it before. I'll have to check into it.

    Hope you are well! :)

  6. i have seen this all over but didn't know what it was. I am going to look into it!!

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