Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beauty and the Beach

I think for me the wonder of the beach, is not the physical earth that God created.
God made it yes so we would know that He is, and while it truly was beautiful yesterday, I think that I got a glimpse of a greater Beauty.

It was not the waves, nor the sandy beaches, the sun in the sky or the birds in the air. But the beauty of a woman enjoying life there.

To see Debra leap with joy as she found another of God's creations, a gift just for her.
To see her run out into the shallows as the tide turned back chasing a possibility, discouraged but continuing on with a new hope.
To see the wind blowing through her hair, her rejoicing at a silly little sand dollar, her curiosity at her first starfish, yes like a child of the King, just happy to be a part of His Kingdom.

Today there was a Beauty at the Beach, and I know that God enjoyed her too.


  1. You truly are beautiful Debra Jayne. I love being your husband and friend.
    Lets go out again today!

  2. Awww! Thank you Andy for wording that so beautifully. You are so sweet and I love being your wife and friend too! I had a great time with you on the beach, as always.


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