Thursday, September 18, 2008

Michael and Jaymie are Engaged! ~ 9-16--08

We are so excited! They make such a wonderful couple and aren't they cute together? Jaymie is so sweet and loving and she is going to be a wonderful wife to Michael and an awesome daughter-in-law too! Michael is very loving and caring also, so I know he will be a good husband to Jaymie, as well.


  1. Let the Prayers Begin.

    #1 Both to draw closer to the Lord!
    #2 Job to Support a Family
    #3 Grandchildren -----Lot's of Grandchildren-----no I mean lot's of Grandchildren
    #4 Job to Support all my Grandbabies!
    #5 Both to draw closer to the Lord to care for my Grandchildren.
    #6 Stay close to me so I can see my Grandchildren Every DAY!

  2. Andy you're funny! I'll just be happy to have grandbabies! It will be so much fun and we will spoil them like crazy. You are going to be an awesome grandpa and of course I will be the best grandma in the world!!!! Ok, you will be the best grandpa in the world too!!!!



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