Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tonight's Sunset

I was able to capture a couple of pictures of the sun setting tonight and even though, the sky wasn't orange or red, it was still beautiful to me. I love how every sunset is different! I do wish I would have used my tripod, so this first picture wouldn't have been crooked, but I can actually straighten the horizon in photoshop. I didn't follow the rule of thirds in this pic either *tisk, tisk*, but I still like it and maybe I'll just crop it later anyway.

This pic is actually my favorite and I DID follow the rule of thirds on this one. It was actually nice to just take some pics for fun and not have to focus on an assignment, which I still don't have done for this week, by the way. lol I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow though!


  1. those are gorgeous!!! I love both of them.

    Funny thing, I would never have noticed that the horizon was crooked in the first one! ha! I'm obviously not a detail person!

  2. Mari and Sara, thank you for your comments! The sunset was so lovely!


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