Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Is Over, but....

My tree still stands! I'm just not ready to take it down yet. Call me crazy, but I love the warm glow of the lights at night and I really want to enjoy it for at least one more week or who knows maybe even two more weeks.

So what's with the balloons you ask? Well let me tell you the story......I thought I was out of bows, so before I knew it, my clever husband started blowing up balloons and putting them on the presents in place of the bows. He even wrote the names on the balloons....I mean really? I have name tags! This is typical, for him to come up with such a funny idea like this, he is a character. The funny thing is......I found out I wasn't out of bows after all, they were right in my closet. I seriously don't know how I didn't see them the first time I looked, but I have to say, I'm actually glad I didn't see them. Ok, so maybe bows are prettier, but the balloons were much more fun and it was a special added touch by my husband. It definitely added to the excitement, when one of the balloons popped, while we were playing a game at the kitchen table. I literally jumped and my heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest, it was pounding so hard. lol It was so loud it sounded like a gun shot! Thanks to Andy's creative and funny idea, we will never forget this christmas!On Christmas Day we played board games the entire day. It really was a blast just laughing and hoopin' and a hollerin'! We enjoyed way too many snacks, fudge, pumpkin pie and goodies and my chicken enchiladas were to die for.

It was a fantastic day and it brought joy to my heart, to have my family together, especially since Michael is leaving for bootcamp in the Army on Jan. 10th.


  1. Dj, your tree is so pretty. I think you need to have it up until at least Burrito night! Which I guess that means that needs to be SOON :) so no getting sick on me :) But seriously your tree is beautiful and the baloons are a hoot, I am glad you left them. Although I thought to myself that your heart was probably already pounding out of your chest if you were playing the game speed. LOL. Love you and see you tomorrow! xoxo

  2. Your tree is so pretty I would keep it up as long as possible as well. The ballon idea was great. I agree it makes the presents more special that hubby took part in the wrapping. I am sure everyone won't forget this Christmas. Glad to hear the entire family was able to get together.
    Have a fabulous day and thanks for your prayers!

  3. Your tree is really pretty and I think the balloons are such a cute and funny idea. What a guy!

  4. Michelle, I will be sure and leave the tree up until after you and Dan come for my fabulous fried burritos. Don't worry, I'm feeling better each day, so I will be good and well by then. Andy has enjoyed beating me in speed, while I've been sick, but I must be feeling better because I beat him in two games today. Yeah, that's right...I'm back on my game, so watch're gonna lose!

    Tanya and Mari, thanks for the compliment on my tree and I'm glad you liked the balloons...I thought they were great and I love my honey for his sense of humor! :)

  5. My tree is still up also, and currently shining it's many little lights behind me as I type this. Today is Little Christmas and when I was growing up my mom didn't dare take the tree down before January 6. I wanted to keep it up for the same reason and because up until today, it was retaining its needles pretty darn well. Now the needles are starting to drop...

    What a great way to spend Christmas - that's my idea of fun!

    I will pray for your son as he heads off to boot camp. Happy New Year!!

  6. We just took down our tree today. =( I hate that part every year! I makes me kind of sad to put the decorations away and not see the Christmas lights on at night.
    Your tree is beautiful! I can see why you wouldn't want to take it down! I say leave it up and enjoy it for as long as you can! =)

  7. Debra, your tree looks perfect... balloons and all! I love it. Looks like a perfect day with family... and food. ;)

  8. Same here Debra.
    Beautiful photos and family time.

    Cheers and regards.


  9. Hi Debra... I was happy to see your post.. I am so glad to see I am not the only one that hasn't taken their Christmas Tree down. I was very much not into decorating.. but when we put the tree up I now don't want to take it down. I love it. I have a little one on a table also and I have it on right now.

    I love the balloons that is such a cute idea.

    I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well.. I hope you get better soon. Take care of yourself.


  10. Dot, thanks for the prayers for my son, I appreciate it so much! I'll have to check out your blog to see if you posted a pic of your tree.

    Melissa, I know what you mean it is sad taking it down, it seems we don't get to enjoy it long enough!

    Thanks H-Mama and Regina, I think it really was a perfect day with beautiful time spent together!

    Joy, you should post a pic of your tree for us to see. Don't worry I'm feeling a lot better now. I ate too much fudge and pumpkin pie, so the sugar lowered my immune system, therefore I got sick. I know better, but the fudge was sooo good! No more sugar for me!!! :(

  11. Debra... can you give me some hints on how to get a good picture of my tree.. everyone I have taken stinks.

    I have been ok.. then I started really having problems, I thought it was working at the quilt store the fibers floating around.. but I only work one day a week.. I was so bad Monday I had to go to the ER ick... they did another treatment I had done one at home and used my inhaler..they also did an iv steroids and some more take for 4 days.. today I felt like I was doing well.. so tomorrow I am sure will be even better.

  12. ...Ohhhh, I believe and understand why you love your christmas tree: it is gorgeous!!!!!!!
    ......You know...I believe there are no time rules of keeping seasonal decorations.....I kept for example my windows-christmas-decoration the whole year up.......!!!!!!

    ....the glorious Idea with the balloons: I will copy it for the next gift lovely!!!!!!!!

    Have a gret start in this very young year, dear Debra!!!

  13. I love your tree!!! and what a great idea with the balloons.....I have a feeling that might just become a tradition...or at least "the year of the balloons"!! :)

    I have a good friend whose son just left yesterday for boot camp. praying for you and your son.

  14. Sounds like a wonderfully fun family christmas. I like the balloons instead of bows idea.

  15. I love your tree! Who says you have to take them down anyway. I have a friend who's husband is serving in Iraq, he wants her to leave thier tree up until he returns June!

    Praying for Michael as he makes all the changes in his life!

    Nice to see a post on your sight, I do enjoy your pics!

  16. Mine is still standing too. I'm still waiting for Junior to take it down. (Can't reach it it's too big) Perhaps I should suggest he leave it up in readiness for next Christmas and save himself hte bother.☺
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  17. Ha ha, today is the 19th and my tree is still up, but my husband is finally getting tired of it and I think I'm finally ready to take it down. That will be my project for Saturday I guess. Thank you all, for your sweet comments, I appreciate them all! :)

  18. Looks like you had a beautifully fun Christmas!



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