Friday, March 5, 2010

Eagles Wanted My Puppy For Lunch!

The other day I was out in the hot tub in the afternoon and I happened to look up to see one of the eagles hovering right above just circling and he was really low......of course you know what I did next, right? I jumped out of the hot tub, threw my robe on and as I was heading into the house to get my camera, the eagle flew off screeching. Fortunately, my camera was just inside the door!

I grabbed my camera, quickly switched the lenses and by the time I got outside, there were two eagles hovering and circling over me. I snapped a few shots and then knocked on the living room window and pointed up to get Andy's attention. As Andy was coming out the door, I’m overly excited and I’m saying, “I’ve never seen them do this before......Look how low they are........they’re just hovering over us!” Then Andy said, “Honey, they’re after your puppy!”

Just then I realized that they were hovering right over where the puppy was playing in the grass. GASP! No wonder they were looking down......duh! That never even dawned on me! Andy quickly grabbed the puppy and put her in the garage and the eagles continued to look for her for a little while, circling the house and looking in the front yard and the back. Isn’t that scary? Oh my goodness, I was so freaked out! Andy probably nabbed her up just in time. Can you imagine how horrifying it would have been for me to see an eagle grab my puppy and take off with her? I probably would have been hysterical!

They keep coming back and circling looking for her, so obviously they remember where they see their prey.

Now I'm constantly on the lookout for Eagles hovering above! They can just find themselves some other Entree because they're not getting my little puppy!!!


  1. oh my word...that would have been AWFUL! But you did get some good pictures of them!! once while hunting, my dad shot a huge owl that was about to attack our dog...yikes!

  2. What a neat story to go along with the pictures. It's a good thing you happened to see the Eagles and decided to hop out and go for the camera. You saved a life, AND captured some great shots.

  3. oh no! i never would have thought of eagles going after a puppy!!

  4. Oh my word! That would be so frightening! Glad the puppy is ok and you got good pictures too!

  5. Oh. My! That would have been awful!

    Been thinking of you, my friend.

  6. Wow,that is so spooky -circling around!! You know, it doesn't surprise me either? I picked up a small kitten (she's about 8 months now) and its apparent she won't get too big..but I keep her in at night because of owls..though I'm sure hawks would be as bad!! One caught a small white one I had and this happened to my friend's kitten recently (hers managed to get away but died from the wounds).
    So they were after your puppy?!! Good grief. I'd be just like you (lol) where is my camera)!! These shots are great (I can't enlarge them for some reason) computer, my camera and my phone are all giving me a bad time!!
    Anyway, have a great weekend- glad your baby pup is OK!

  7. That is scary! My sister has a little yorkie and she never lets her outside alone, because the breeder she got her from warned her about that very thing.

  8. Oh my gosh... that would have been scary... what is that little cutey puppy? Those photos are awesome tho.


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