Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My New Little Baby.....Sophie!

My daughter Kasey brought home this adorable puppy a few weeks ago and told me she was my birthday present.......umm, YEAH RIGHT! Apparently, the owner was taking the last few puppies to the pound and of course, Kasey couldn't handle that, so she picked one out and brought her to ME. She's very cute, but I already have a very busy schedule and I had no idea how I would be able to train a puppy. I'm not one to just get a puppy, feed it and play with it and then leave it to itself the rest of the time.......I put a lot of time into training them! My exercise routine has suffered considerably and I am very upset about that because now I'm not going to reach my goal by the end of April.  Oh well, that's ok for now, fortunately Sophie is smart and is learning pretty fast.  Although, she does have a stubborn streak in her, but thankfully she now knows that I'm the pack leader! 

I had forgotten how exhausting it is to have a puppy.  I can't take my eyes off of her for a minute, while she's in her teething stage and I have to take her out to potty constantly.  The cool thing is that I don't actually have to go outside with her anymore though....by the 5th day I was able to open the front door, put her down and say, "Go Potty," and she would go down the steps and out into the grass all by herself and go potty.  Then when she is done going "tinkle" I say, "Go Potty Again," and if she has to go "number 2" then she will go, but if she doesn't, then she will just go "tinkle" again.  It's pretty funny because one day I was trying to get her to go potty both ways before I brought her back into the house, so I kept saying, "Go Potty Again," and she went "tinkle" 5 times. LOL  What an obedient little doggie!

Awww! Isn't she cute when she sleeps? 

Here she is chewing on a branch with Sunny!

This is one of the things I'm trying to break her of........tormenting my cat, Ling ling!

So far I've taught her.....sit, down, speak, fetch, wait (meaning she has to sit down and wait until I call her to come through the doorway into the house and also before going outside). I just started working with her on Come an she's doing better with it the last two days.  I taught her hide -n- seek....where she has to wait, while I hide somewhere in the house and then I yell, "Sophie Come," and then she has to come find me.  She loves this game because she gets a treat when she finds me!  I don't know if  I will teach her all of the tricks that I taught our dog Sunny, but we'll see.

Oh boy, here we go again!

Wow! A moment where she's not going after the cats......that's amazing!

Trust me when I tell you.......THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA! LOL Cheetoh is not one to be messed with and he doesn't allow anyone near his tail, especially since the raccoons took the end of it off, about 6 years ago. He is a tough cat.....he's been hit by a car......been in many cat fights.......been in fights with raccoons at least a few times......and has been cornered by dogs trying to kill him. He really isn't afraid of anything and so I tried to warn Sophie to not mess with him. Oh sure, Cheetoh played with her a little bit, but then.....well, let's just say this......Sophie knows her place with him now!


  1. Awww - she is so cute! And I love her name! (My daughter has a dog named Sophie too - a boxer)

  2. so cute!!

    we adopted our dog from a family leaving to be missionaries. they trained her the same way you did. All I have to say is "go potty" and she squats and goes!!!

  3. DJ, those are the cutest pictures. Sophie is so darn cute, I am so glad you kept her! ;) xoxo

  4. Cute puppy! We got a new puppy one week ago! Ours is a bit bigger, he is a 12 week old golden retriever! His name is Winston (AKC Sir Winston). The kids LOVE him!! He is outdoor only puppy. Enjoy your new pup!


  5. Simply adorable photos..
    cats are all so different. My old gray was buddies with my Rottie before she died..so when we picked up our chow/shepherd- he could handle and they get along. Other cats- no way! All great shots- what a sweet pup!

  6. Emily, Golden Retrievers are such good family dogs and I know you all will have fun with him! Our puppy is a mix between a pug and a labrador retriever....can you imagine that? I'm thinkin' it was an accident! LOL They call it a Pugador! Isn't that funny? Well, she was 6 weeks when we got her and she looks more like a lab and is very smart, with a stubborn streak, but a sweet personality. What a combination huh? Today I taught her to shake and high five.....she's so cute! Have fun with your dog too....I know the kids will for sure! ~ DJ

  7. What a cutie... they are such hard work.. I am still working on mine she does not like to go out in the rain.. and she is almost a year old now.

  8. Carissima Debra.....WELCOME BACK...!!!!!!!

    Fantastic to see you again!!!!! i am really happy about it; and YOU DID SOOOOO MANY WONDERFUL FOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your new Puppy is just gold......I loved the idea of your daughter to bring a little one for you!!!!!!
    These puppy-kitty pics are just amazing!!!!!!!

    ciao ciao elvira


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