Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time To Do the Hallelujah Dance.....Won't you join me?

Oh how I wish y'all could see me doing my Hallelujah Dance right now!  Ok, well maybe I don't really, because I'm sure I look pretty funny! LOL  Why am I dancing you ask?  I have a computer again!  Woo hoo.......I can't even begin to express how excited I am!  We finally took my computer in to find out what was wrong with it after Andy had replaced the power source and that didn't fix it.  As it turned out, the mother board was bad and the good news is......drum roll two hard drives that I had replaced a few years ago are fine, so I still have all of my pictures! Whew, what a relief!  *sniff, sniff* Somebody get some tissues, I might just cry some tears of joy!!!  The guy said I have 180 GB of pictures.....I'm guessing that's a lot, since he was surprised by it. LOL 

Anyway, my computer was so old that we decided to buy a year old reconditioned computer that is faster than my old one and the guy said that will make it much easier to use photoshop.  Hmmm, guess I might just have to learn how to use photoshop now.  I learned a few things awhile back, but it's been so long now, that I'll have to re-learn it. Ugh!  Andy has been diligently downloading all of my software to my scanner, printer, camera etc. Oh and he re-downloaded itunes for me too, so now he has transfered all of my songs from the hard drive into itunes and I'm having to organize all of my music into folders all over again....arggg, what a job, but I'm not really complaining, I'm just happy to still have all of my music! 

There is one thing I can't figure out how to fix......everything on my screen is stretched, so when I look at my pictures everyone is short and fat and the faces are all stretched wide.  I went to the control panel to try to fix it, but have not suceeded.  I guess I will have to call on Monday and ask the computer guy how to fix it.

Just to let y'all know, even though I just got my computer, I'm afraid I won't be on it much right now because my daughter-in-law is on her way here to visit for a couple of days and then we will be packing and leaving for my son's graduation from bootcamp in Georgia, but don't worry as soon as I return, I will be sharing pictures with y'all.  If I have time, maybe I will be able to put a couple of pics of my son and daughter-in-law on here before I leave, but don't hold me to that, just in case I don't get to it. :)  Bye for now and I'll be returning soon!!!


  1. Have fun and enjoy your new computer.....!!!
    I am waiting for good news and many of your magnificient photos!!!!!
    have a sunny sunday!
    ciao ciao elvira

  2. Yay for you!

    Can't wait to see more of your pictures!

  3. Congratulations! I'm so glad your pictures are safe! Safe travels!

  4. yea!!! with the new speed you are going to wonder why you waited so long to change! ha!

  5. Hooray for a new computer!!!
    Have a great time in Georgia too. (Just seeing your son will make it great, I know)


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