Sunday, May 9, 2010

We Are So Proud!

This is my free collage from Walgreens that I posted about yesterday.  These are just some of my favorite pics that I took at Michael's Turning Blue Ceremony and his Graduation in Georgia!  The Turning Blue Ceremony was held at Fort Benning and the Graduation was held at the National Infantry Museum.
Marching in for the Turning Blue Ceremony
We went to the motel so he could take off those funky (or should I say geeky) glasses that the army issued him and put in his contacts......he was so relieved! LOL
Picked up his gear and now he's chompin' at the bit to get to Atlanta airport, where he will catch his plane and be on his way, to see his wife Jaymie!  Yippee.....bootcamp is over!!!
And now Mama is happy!  :) He is home for 24 days and then he reports to his duty station at Fort Stewart, Georgia. As soon as he gets there, he will find out if his company is just returning from Iraq or just getting ready to deploy, to Iraq.


  1. The collage turned out good. It brings back memories of Andy's graduation, with the colored smoke and those lovely glasses!
    Glad you were able to spend that time with him!

  2. Hey Mari, did your son Andy have to wear the lovely glasses too? I mean could they get any dorkier? Michael did NOT like them! LOL I'm so glad we were able to be at his was very special!

  3. a good friend of mine, just attended her son's graduation and had the same picture of the colored smoke. so proud of all these boys for making it through!!!

  4. Congratulations to your son! We are so proud of our soldiers!

    Jane Bayer
    Associate Director of Development
    National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center

  5. Hi again,
    Yes, Andy did have to wear those glasses and he was thrilled to get rid of them. He said they are called BCG's or birth control glasses because they look so dorky in them!

  6. Mari, that made me laugh...BCG's. LOL, I'll have to share that with Michael!

    Thank you Sara and Janey, for the congrats, I'm very proud of all of them too!

  7. Congrats to your son, and I'm sure you will enjoy your time with him before he heads to Atlanta... I hope his company is just returning from Iraq! ;-)

  8. Congratulations to Michael!! Love the BCG's!!! I think an appropriate name for them!! Lol! What a beautiful picture of a beautiful momma! Hopefully I'll be seeing ya in a couple of weeks!!


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