Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 2

Well....this is my first full week of taking a pic everyday, for Project 365 and I'm afraid I wasn't very creative! Lol  It proved to be a little harder than I thought, but I can see that this project will inspire me to keep my camera or my iphone handy at all times. I intend to make a book out of all 365 days of pics, at the end of this year, through Blurb.  I can't wait to sit down with a cup of tea and look through it! Here's a little peek at a few of my blog friend Sara's, blurb books. 

Today, was a very long day, but it was wonderful!  We had a great church service followed by a baptism in the January! Brrr, it was so cold!  After the baptism we went shopping at Costco and Fred Meyer, then at home I prepared the food for our home group that we hosted and at 7:30 I fell into bed. I turned on the tv and started watching Worst Cooks in America and it was then, that I remembered that I needed a picture for the day. Ugh! I seriously couldn't get myself up, so I took a shot of the tv with my iphone....real creative huh?  I got up at 9:00 to get something to drink and I could barely walk, so I went right back to bed and stayed there til morning. I'm still recovering from my back surgery, so I guess I over did it just a little. Lol 

Today I didn't feel up to going swimming, but it was such a nice day, so Andy and I decided to go for a short walk on the river walk. It was lovely and the air was crisp and cold and so refreshing! This is a shot I took from the trolley tracks. This is a perfect spot for portrait pics....the leading lines are fantastic!

Today was another long day!  We drove out of town to see our dear friend, who is drawing very near to the end of his journey on this earth, and it proved to be a very emotional day. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him and talking to him and just holding his hand!  We will miss him terribly, but we're so thankful that he will be waiting for us, up in heaven!  Before heading home, Andy and I enjoyed soup and salad at Olive Garden and we were really bad and split a piece of rasberry cheesecake....shhh, I won't tell if you won't tell! Lol After we got home, I was just dragging, so I decided I needed a protein shake.

I just had to post this pic of Sophie because her little paws are so cute!

Ok, so I guess this is what you do, when you realize that you haven't taken a picture for the look for something in your house!  Hence, why I took a pic of the candles on my kitchen table. Lol  These really are beautiful at night when the lights are turned off....they actually flicker! They are battery operated candles that have been dipped in real wax, cool huh?  I got them from my sister-in-law's shop and I love them!
Andy and I decided to take a drive on the beach today and there happened to be part of a whale carcus, that had washed up.  The seagulls were feasting off of it and I actually captured a gross pic of one of them pulling the flesh off. Ew...I won't be posting that one! It kept raining off and on, so I just rolled down my window and took some shots from the truck.  We had a wonderful drive....I just love the beach!

It actually stopped raining for a little while, so I ventured outside in my backyard, scouting for something to take a picture of. I actually did find a few things to take pics of, but in the end I just had to post this one, of Sunny and Sophie playing with the stick.  Sophie does manage to steal it once in awhile, but most of the time she's just happy to latch onto it, along side Sunny and run around the yard with it. Of course, when she does steal it....the chase it on!

If you're interested in joining in on P365, head on over to Sara's blog and link up!


  1. You got some good ones! I found that I notice things that I would have taken for granted, and I always carry my camera with me!

  2. But I love the Candle picture... so while it may be a last minute shot, its gorgeous! :)

    Sorry to hear about your friend, but what a beautiful perspective to have... oh the people we'll have waiting for us when we get there..

  3. If you go back and look at my previous years, you will find pics of me brushing my teeth, my pillow and many other "I forgot to take a pic today" shots! The important thing is that you will have a pic review of a majority of the year!

    That whale carcass is pretty gross!

  4. I am a total Food Network junkie! Love Worst Cooks in America!!!!

    Some day are harder than others as far as 365 goes, sometime there just isn't anything picture worthy that happen to me or anything that catches my eye to photograph, but some days you hit the jackpot and you have lits of stuff to focus in on!

    Great week, you're off to a great start!


  5. very sorry about your friend, it is so hard to travel with those who are coming to the end of their life, a very hard and sad process.

    Blessing and peace for the day to come!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your loved one. I will pray for a peaceful crossing.

    Hugs & love,

  7. I think you're off to a decent start. At least you haven't already forgotten a day! I've had those moments where I just take random pictures, but I try to at least get them to reflect my day. I think you did that.

    After joining in for a bit you'll see how creative some people get and it'll give you ideas of your own. Oh how I love getting the new ideas.

    The pic of your dogs cracks me up. I could see your little dog stealing that stick and the chase would be on.

  8. Thank you for the follow!!! :D Lovely blog! I look forward to reading more! :D I appreciate it and thank you! I am following too! :)

  9. Love the pic of the puppies with the stick - too cute! The whale picture is really good too - although sad. I've totally come to the end of the day & just looked for something to take a picture of - but since my husband joined me & started taking pictures too we usually end up with at lease SOMETHING.

  10. Here is the link to the cheese fondue recipe, I did not have any swiss cheese so I used all Gruyere and I left out the kirsch as well, didn't have that either and it was super good!!!


  11. Lovely photos of your doggies! I l like the seagulls too. Good luck with your 365 project.

  12. Beautiful photographs. seems like you have your way with your camera

    Visiting from project 365

  13. Thanks, for all the sweet comments and encouragement....I will try to keep up with P365 the best I can. Oh and thank you, Robin for the fondue recipe! :)

  14. Debra, did you get my email answering your questions? let me know if you didn't

    as far as blurb, I was just getting started with my book when my hard drive I am not completely sure what I think yet...I will let you know!


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