Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 3


This was such an awesome day and let me tell you why...  First off, church was awesome, we had 3 baptisms and 2 people join. Secondly, my friend Elsie surprised me with this jar of Mayhaw Jelly that she brought back from Texas and it meant so much to me, that I almost started crying! Seriously, I gasped so loud, all the new people sitting around us, probably wondered what was wrong with me, until they heard the laughter that followed and saw the hugging that went on. Lol  

 My granny, used to send me her homemade Mayhaw jelly once in awhile, before she died many years ago and I've really missed it. You have to understand, just how much I love this jelly and just how much I love my friend, Elsie!  She and I, are originally from the same area in Texas and even though we live in Oregon now, we're both southern girls at heart and we love us some good ol' southern food and Mayhaw jelly! She's been spoiling me lately....she's made me chicken gumbo twice, since my back surgery and it was so yummy and good! I love you, Elsie!


You should have seen me scramble when I looked out the window and saw the eagle flying toward the house! I ran and grabbed my camera and camera bag, all the while holding my breath and squealing, as I had to quickly unzip the bag, grab my zoom lens, switch lenses, run out the sliding glass door, change my settings on my camera and snap two shots before it was gone. Whew....that got my heart rate up for sure! If I would have had my camera ready, I could have gotten a closer shot, as it flew right over my head. *bummer*

I love the snow on the mountain!


This is a lovely journal that my friend Michelle made me last August. Isn't it adorable?  She knows how much I love photography, so she personalized it with the camera, my name and she even put one of my own hummingbird pictures on it, along with the verse. Isn't that special? 

...and this is the inside, with a little note from her and a pic of me and my honey, that says, "Always kiss me goodnight!"  Awww!  As you can see, I hadn't used it yet, because I was waiting for the new year to begin.

....and inside the back, she added a cute little envelope for me to tuck away little notes, pictures or whatever I want to put in it.  It's a great place for keepsakes, don't you think?  I just love it and I appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into it! Thank you,'re such a special friend!


I looked outside and had to grab my camera to get a shot of this scene.  There's just something serene about it and the sky is lovely, the way the light is shining, through the clouds!


We got home really late after church and Kasey's friend Steven came over, so I quickly threw a cobbler together, so they would have something yummy to eat.  I used frozen mixed berries, but seriously this bag had mostly raspberries in it with a little Marionberries and blueberries, as well.  Here's a little trick if you don't have any icecream on hand and you don't feel like driving to DQ for some....just use frozen cool whip and that will suffice!  Fortunately, I had frozen cool whip in the freezer and while nothing is better than vanilla icecream on cobbler, frozen cool whip is pretty good!


Ok, so we decided to have a boring, but healthy meal for dinner and it was good.  Although, I do have one question....why do I always want something more, after I've eaten a healthy meal? Lol  I mean come on, why can't I at least have bread and butter?  Oh yeah, now I's because bread makes me fat! :)

Saturday be a dog!  I was looking for Sophie and this is where I found her. Yep, all sprawled out, squishing down the pillow on the back of the couch!  Mind you, she's not supposed to be on there, but she was just too cute, so I left her there.  She's so spoiled!!!

If you'd like to join in on Project 365, hop on over to my friend Sara's, to link up!


  1. Your boring dinner looks pretty good to me - we eat that meal all the time :)

    Your dog is so cute! They're funny when they sleep on their backs.

    LOVE the sky pics - great job!

  2. Debra, did I know you lived in Oregon? Seriously, I always thought you were in Texas!!!

    Love the journal!

    And your dog is hilarious!!!

  3. What a great journal! Beautiful photos and a fabulous friend you have there~


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