Saturday, March 19, 2011

Posing and Lighting Workshop!

If you don't already know about creativeLive, you just have to check them out, ASAP! They offer free LIVE workshops and let me just say how AWESOME this site is!!!

Today I sat in on the first day of Bambi Cantrell's 3 day Posing and Lighting Workshop and I never dreamed I would learn so much in just one day! Seriously folks....Bambi is my new photography hero! She is absolutely brilliant with posing her models and I don't know about y'all, but that's the one thing I struggle with the most. I have a feeling posing will be a lot easier for me now, after watching Bambi in action and listening intently, to all of her careful instructions. One of the things she taught us, was how to pose the subject in a way that is flattering, slenderizing and natural looking or as Bambi would say, "Believable!" Oh my goodness, she taught us so much more and it's all still spinning around in my brain, as I type this post. Can you even imagine 7 hours of priceless instruction on posing and lighting? It was fantastic and I can't wait until tomorrow's class, in fact I'm still so excited from today, that I can't even go to sleep. lol I mean I posted about it 3 times on my Portrait Of My Heart facebook page and also tweeted several times today too, haha. Hmmm....I might be just a little excited! :)

Here is a short video I found on youtube tonight that I thought I'd share...

Bambi Cantrell's Tips for Beautiful Portraits


  1. Sounds like a wonderful class!

  2. WOW... that sounds like a great time.. where are you doing this at? Enjoy!

  3. Oh Mari, it was the BEST 3 day workshop EVER!

    ByTHESea, it was a LIVE online workshop and they have more workshops coming up, so check it out. Go to and register and then you can enroll in the workshops that you are interested in and the best part's FREE!



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