Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bitter Cold!

This was a bitter cold day, as you probably can tell, by all of the ice on the water!

I was able to get a quick shot of this crane before it flew off. I was so bummed that I wasn't able to get a better shot of him, but he had no plans of sticking around, just so I could get a shot that was more in focus! lol


  1. I think the stork shot was great. I do know what you mean though, kids and animals just don't cooperate in being photographed!

  2. These are pretty and yes..it certainly look cold. I like the falls too-
    Come by and visit..

  3. Ok, so I really have no idea if that bird is a crane or stork or what, but it sort of looks like a crane. So sorry to all of you birders out there for being so ignorant. lol


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