Monday, June 21, 2010

Creepy Crawly Things!

I'm having so much fun with textures and overlays from Patti Brown's collections over at Kaleidoscope.  Check out her blog here!  I love how textures can add an artistic look to a creepy crawly image!

This poor caterpillar was blown off this leaf, by a huge gust of wind, right after I took this shot.  It was hangin' on for dear life, as I was snapping pics in between gusts, but our storms are pretty powerful, so it finally lost the battle and fell about 4 feet to the ground.  (Photo taken Sept. 2009)

This is a little risky of this fly don't you think?  Don't worry though.....the spider didn't get him!  This was the first pic I took with my 50mm 1.8 lens the day it came in the mail!  (Photo taken 9-3-09)

I wish I would have been fast enough to get a shot of this grasshopper, when he was upside down. He was a funny little thing to watch and boy was he fast!  (Photo taken 9-3-09)

Ewww.....I don't like spiders, but I don't mind photographing them!  (Photo taken June 2010)

This grasshopper blends right in with the colors in the background doesn't he? 
(Photo taken 9-3-09)

                                                               (Photo taken 9-3-09)


  1. These are great! You're right about the textures. I do have to learn to do them.

  2. Amazing shots! My favorite is the spider and the fly.

  3. Thanks Mari and Lois! I love the spider and fly too, but I also love the first grasshopper....he's just so cute! :D

  4. This is an awesome work.. Fabulous.!


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