Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pink Sky After Sunset!

I love it when the sky turns pink after the sun has set!  It was getting dark very quickly, so I had to hurry and get some shots, while there was still a little light.  If only I had noticed it sooner!  I took these from my back deck on May 27, 2010. 
The wind was blowing so a couple of the branches are a little blurry!

The dark clouds add a little drama!

I just love the pink sky in this one!

The clouds are covering Saddle Mountain in this one.

                                                      I really love the clouds!

Please hop on over to SKYWATCH FRIDAY to see more beautiful skies around the world!


  1. You have such a picturesque scene and the clouds really add drama.

  2. So subtle, so pretty....I adore pink in sunsets!

  3. These are beautiful captures! I loved the color on the dramatic skies...

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  4. Very dramatic sky. How unusual to have color after the sun has set.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone and Porch Days, we have color in the sky after the sun has set all the time, here where I live. Sometimes it's a deep orange or red and sometimes it's yellow, pink or even violet....anyway, it's really beautiful!

  6. Ciao Debra, great series of the sunset with spectacular colors

  7. These are sweet, Debra! Great job!

  8. I really love the clouds too... it looks really atmospheric! great shots.

  9. WONDERFUL SCENES, cara Debra.....what georgeous ambiente around you.......!! The pics aren't too,no, they are just SUBLIME......!!

    Sooooo lovely to hear from you; I see you are well and I wish you a wonderful new start in a new summer week!

    ciao ciao elvira


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