Saturday, November 15, 2008

King of the Mountain! ~ Friday, 11-14-08

Did you ever play,
"King of
the Mountain," when you were a kid? Some may have called it, "King of the Hill." I used to love playing that! I never had a chance when I played it with my older brother and sister but I did pretty good with kids my own age. Having a brother made me a tough little thing. I tried to keep up with him the best I could. Something within me always wanted to prove that I could do everything he could. I loved playing football and army with him and his friends. Yeah, you guessed it......I was tomboy! I could climb to the tippee top of the highest Pine Tree, just as well as my older brother or sister. Anyway, for some unknown reason, when I looked at this picture of Andy on top of the house like that, it made me think of that game I used to play and that tough little scrapper in me wanted to shout, "No I'm King of the Mountain," and then run up there and push him off. Then reality set in as I remembered this IS a HOUSE, not a little dirt hill...and.....truth be told.....I like Andy being the King of the Mountain! (smile)


  1. DJ
    I'm really enjoying all the pictures of the house turning into a home! I'm soooo excited for you and can't wait to see it all finished. Thanks for sharing them.
    Love ya,
    Misty S

  2. Your welcome Misty. I'm glad you're enjoying watching it all unfold. It IS turning into a home isn't it? I'm so excited!


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