Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday, 11-24-08

The front door and columns are on, as well as the trim around the windows. They still have to put the trim on the columns and build the arch.

I didn't know my tennis shoes glow in the dark! I have to change into them every time I go to the property because there's so much mud and because I'm a girl and I don't want my beautiful shoes to get dirty!

The septic system is being put in! So glad we are getting some good weather right now.

I've got to quit taking pictures right before dark!


  1. How exciting! What a beautiful home you will have! And very soon, too! ;-)


  2. Emily, how is Daniel doing? Is he out of the hospital now? I have been so concerned and have been praying for him and for you and Craig. Poor little guy, it seems that he is always the one that gets sick. My heart goes out to him!


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