Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tinsel Angels!

In this mornings message, Andy mentioned how his mom would put tinsel all over the Christmas much that it turned the tree all silver and how he thought, it just didn't belong on the tree. Well tonight a few of the teen girls (we'll call them Tinsel Angels) busted through the doors, ran up on the platform and covered everything with tinsel. It was the cutest thing you'd ever see! They were trying to hurry before Andy came back into the auditorium! I wish I could have video taped it. You should have seen Andy's reaction when he came back in and noticed it, as they leaped off the platform. He got such a kick out of it! You should have seen him fishing the tinsel out of his glass of water. This was so funny! Way to go girls!!!!
I wish I had taken a picture of the entire platform, but this gives you sort of an idea of what it looked like. If you click on the picture, you can see a closeup of the tinsel.

After the service they wanted a picture with Andy! So very cute!

Do these girls look like angels to you? Well, I think so!

Annah shows off her awesome tinsel bow in her hair!

Hayley with her tinsel bow that she wears so proudly!

Aliisa poses with her beautiful tinsel bow!

And lastly, the 3 Tinsel Angels!



  1. Wow... I thought the tinsel on the platform was part of a planned decoration! I thought it looked beautiful... glad I now have "the rest of the story"!! You go girls! It IS wonderful that these great kids feel free to have fun and express their love in their own way! Carol

  2. I think we have the greatest group of teens! I love to watch how they intermingle with all age groups, and feel so at home at church. Way to go girls!!

  3. I LOVE your new Christmas layout!!!! SOOOO Cute :)

  4. Carol and Kathy, you both are so right, it is so awesome that they feel free to express their love in that way, they are tremendous girls! In fact all of the teens in our teen group are very special!!!

    Michelle, I knew you would approve of my new Christmas background....I think it's cute too. Thanks for your input.

  5. DJ~ Did my Christmas letter arrive?~ Beth ~

  6. No it hasn't come. Must have gotten lost in the mail, I guess. So sad :( this will be the first year I haven't gotten one. I'll try not to cry if you'll send me another one! hint hint. Oh and could you reply to my comment on your Thanksgiving post on your blog? I asked you about your turkey. Do you have a smoker? Thanks! ~ DJ



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