Friday, January 16, 2009

House Pics!

I took this picture at night, so it turned out a little dark. Don't mind the ugly dishes in the glass cabinet.....I will be getting some new colorful ones to display. Fortunately most of mine were broken when I took them out of the boxes, so now I can get some that match my kitchen. I have my eye on some Fiesta Dinnerware, but they have discontinued the persimmon color I wanted, so I will probably go with the Cinnabar color, which I love also. I will probably have to get a piece at a time because it is a bit spendy, unless I catch a good sale or something.
For some reason the color on the island and at the top of the pic looks lighter than what it is. It is actually a dark brown, but in this pic it almost looks the same as the wall color. I think the flash did that. As you might have noticed in the pic below, we still need to grout the granite around the edge of the island. Hopefully, we will get that done soon to finish it off completely!
I'm still not sure about the color on the island and the brown at the top of the picture....I thought I liked it, but not sure now. I think the island will probably look fine once I get some black bar stools/chairs, but I'd still like to see what it would look like if I painted it black. I might need to change the wall at the top of the pic to the same color on the wall in the kitchen and dining room. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

As you can see I still don't have anything on the walls yet and the green hutch still needs to be painted black, as well as the antique secretary that you can't see in this pic.

The hallway, minus the pictures that will someday decorate these walls.

Time for some new bedding! My the room looks quite boring without any decorations, doesn't it? Give me time...

Another view into my bedroom.

Monday we will be moving my antique vanity into my bedroom and I can't wait because I miss it. Funny how we get attached to some things isn't it?


  1. Furniture!! Yippee. Can't wait until you get it all done. I'm sure its a blessing the way it is and haivng 'your stuff.' Love You girl!

  2. Yes it is so nice just to be in the house, but every little bit of furniture that we move into it, makes me feel more at home. I didn't realize how much I missed the things I've had in storage the past almost 3 years. It's funny how familiar things make us comfortable. Love you too!

  3. Your home is beautiful, but the real beauty part is Jesus in your lives! Can't wait to see you sometime and we can sit in your new home and talk! love, Christie

  4. Thanks Christie! Oh how I would love to sit and talk with you in my new home! We would have a lot to catch up on wouldn't we?

  5. Beautiful house, Debra! That's so amazing that you had it built and got to choose what you wanted! That is our dream someday! It may be awhile but I'm sure it will be worth the wait! You all have done a wonderful job!


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