Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've Been Deprived!

I've been so deprived without Internet at home, but thankfully today the deprivation is over......I HAVE INTERNET AGAIN! WOO HOO!


  1. YAY, I am so glad. How are you feeling? I hope better. :)

  2. I am feeling so much better and food tastes good again too! Yay! See you tonight at church. :)

  3. but we didn't see you at church :( I was sad!
    Hope you are even stronger today love you Kathy Isom

  4. Thanks Kathy, I am feeling better today. I thought I was better yesterday until I ate food and then I felt like I had an alien in my stomach and then....well I will spare you the gory details. My headache that I had for 3 days is finally gone this morning, so I'm excited about that. This has been a weird and draining virus and I hope no one else gets it. I'm positive I will be good as new and back in church on Sunday. Love you too!

  5. I've been feeling a bit "under the weather" lately, but if you read my comment on your Hubby's blog, you'll understand why! ;-) I'm sure you have already figured it out!! Glad you are feeling better! I guess mine will go away in...uh...3 months! Love ya!

    ~Emily H.

  6. Emily, Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm excited for you and Craig and hopefully you won't be feeling under the weather for as long, with this one. :)


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