Thursday, December 4, 2008

Still Making Progress On Our Home!

Insulation! Woo hoo! Almost ready for sheetrock!

Part of the front yard.

My Honey!!!! By the way, I'm taking this pic up on the hillside, so I told Andy, ha ha, now I'm, "King of the Mountain!" You'll know what I'm talking about if you read my older post where he was the, "King of the Mountain!"

We had to dig out the side yard and front yard a little more.

I can't take a straight picture for the life of me anymore! Anyway, you can see where my hot tub will go on the cement slab. It will sit inside the deck, when Andy finishes it. This is a good shot of the covered porch off of our master bedroom.

A pic from the side yard, looking into the front yard.

This is part of the back yard.

Another part of the back yard.

I took a pic of the moon while playing with the night setting on my camera. Wish it would have been a full moon!

I took this pic off of my back deck, standing right in the center of the living room window, so you could see what the view looks like from inside the house. Isn't Saddle Mountain awesome?

I tried to get a pic of the insulation and also of what the view looks like at night, from inside the house, but it didn't turn out too well. You can see my flash in the window, but take my word for it, the view in the evening, just before it is completely dark, is breath taking!

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