Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I just have to mention that my all time favorite reality show was the first season of AMERICAN PRINCESS because my dear friend Michelle was on the show and won. She became the very first American Princess! Yeah, that's right.......you heard me........ain't she somethin'?

The cake was ready and waiting while we watched the finale show to see if Michelle had won. Of course we all had a feeling she was going to win and we were right. A reporter from the newspaper was even at the party snapping pictures of the whole event for the newspaper article.
We asked Michelle to model the dress that she designed while on the show. Her neice Tessa and nephew Shaun were her helpers.

I had to get a picture of Michelle with her mom, dad, brother and sister.

And of course a picture of Michelle and I. We had such a blast getting together and watching the show together each week rooting her on. I don't know how she did it, but she didn't let on to anyone that she had won, so that made it all the more fun. Michelle you will always be our American Princess!!!! (ok, so now you need to put some pics from your experience, on your blog!) Check out Michelle's blog at http://danandmichellefinn.blogspot.com/


  1. Ahhhh DJ, You are SO SWEET!!!! And I love these pictures, I didn't even know you had them. I will have to get copies because I don't have any of these pic's. I especially want the one of me and you so I can frame it :)

    To answer your q's about why we like Reality TV. I think I like it for a few different reasons. I LOVE competition and the reality shows that are my favorite are all based on competition (Survivor, Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, The Bachelor) I tend to root on the underdogs. The Bachelor is one that is a little different then the others I like and it's all about finding love and every season I am wanting one of the girls to find that love and in the process I see girls make complete fools of them self and it reminds me how NOT to act. Biggest Loser is completely inspiring and Survivor and the Amazing Race is all about game play and I am a gamer. And they are just so much fun to watch. :)

  2. Michelle, I know from our conversations that you like reality tv for the competition and it is so sweet of you to root for the underdog. That really shows your heart! Thanks for sharing. :o)

  3. Michelle, I have more pics that I took that night too...I'll email them to you. I'm so sorry, I thought I already did that.



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