Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm so sad we can't celebrate your birthday with you! Just so you know, I'm frowning right now. Hope your special day is wonderful.....we love you!
PS ~ I need some new pictures of you, so be prepared cuz the next time I see you and Michael, I will be toting my camera. I guess you'd better start practicing saying 'cheese'.


  1. I see the new blog name, is it here to stay? I love it!

    Are these kids married? I knew they had gotten engaged. So cute together. Is it true that boys pick girls to marry that are like their Mammas? She has your coloring DJ, is she like you?

    What is Kasey up too?

    Love Ya,Beth

  2. Yeah, I think I will keep it! Glad you approve, it was a joint effort. Andy and I put our heads together and it was a snap. He is actually much more clever than I am.

    No not yet. You are right....they are so cute together! I believe it is true that boys do pick girls like their mamma. I just asked Kasey if she thinks Jaymie is like me in any way and she said, "Yes, in so many ways!" Of course, I think she is sweet as pie, just like me :o)

    Kasey just got back tonight from Corvallis where she was visiting friends for a few days and she said she had a blast and laughed a lot. Now it's back to work at Starbucks in the morning, so hopefully she will be able to wind down and get to sleep soon. Somehow I don't see that happening because she just decided she wants to eat a salad and it's 1:00 a.m.

    Love ya back, DJ



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