Friday, February 27, 2009


Andy, Kasey and Michael......September 1989!

Kasey was 4 or 5 days old and Michael was just fixin' to turn 3. My kids are beautiful and whoa, my man is sooo hot!


  1. Debra you need to let people know that this is a picture of your first husband.

    Andy, Your Now Husband

  2. I love the Southern accent that comes out in your writing! I get teased about ya'll, and I said that before I spent 5 years in Mississipi. I also love talking to my Texan daughter and grandkids, as I can hear the drawl and Southern language creeping in more and more.

  3. Oh real funny Andy my "now husband"....who are you trying to kid? You were hot back then and you're hot now!

    Your one and only wife, Debra

  4. I know Kathy, I just can't help it! You should have heard me the other day when I talked to my sister on the phone. All I have to do is hear that southern accent and it comes right back.

  5. Deje you are so funny, Im catching up on my blogging and i even started one myself, Im still working on it but its coming and I bet I have some old pictures that will crack you up. By the way I love your music and yes I to love PC and dean, one of my fav's is jesus I am so in love with you. ok Im going to check the rest of your blog now...

  6. Of course I'm funny! hee hee! You'll have to start doing flashback friday too. Oh and you need to make to where we can leave comments on your blog. Let me know if you need help with it. Love ya!


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