Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home Group! ~ Jan. 4, 2009

We all had such a fun night playing games and munchin' down on some good old unhealthy junk food! Oh wait a minute......it wasn't all junk food.....there was fruit too! That made me feel better about what I ate, even though all of those chips and dips pretty much discounted any healthy benefits of the little bit of fruit I had! LOL


  1. Hey Debra --- For photo editing I use Print Shop Pro Photo from Corel. I picked it up a software sale at the University or Utah bookstore for $20. I am still trying to figure a lot of it out myself. I usually play with the depth of field & on portraits I apply a glamor filter.

  2. Thanks Sherri, I will look it up online and check it out. :)



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