Saturday, February 14, 2009

Guess Who is 45 today?

Decided to share some random pics of me over the years....NO LAUGHING! This is a pic of me at 9 months. Ok, I actually took a picture of this pic with an old camera some years back, but you get the idea. It's way too big for me to scan!
Showing off the dress I wore to my Junior Prom and the bad haircut that I hated.

Senior pics, back when I was really tan! By the way, those are my real eyelashes....that's what they look like when I use an eyelash curler and separate each lash with a needle. YEAH, NOT A GOOD LOOK!

Ok, I really hated these pictures and still do today! Plus to make it worse, I was trying to grow out my hair from a bad perm that fried my hair.

My friend Luther and I.....probably about 1984 I think.

One of my glamour shots in 1994. Yeehaw!

Anita and I in 1998......for those of you who have never seen me with short hair!

This was taken just a few days ago.


  1. You are just as beautiful today as the day we first met!
    I love You

  2. Thank you my love, for being so sweet to me! I love you more than words could ever express!!!

  3. OMG, DJ before I even saw what you wrote I was like, 'wow, she is really tan!' then I saw what you wrote. And I had to laugh out loud because you said you used to seperate your eyelashes with a needle and I used to watch my Mom do that too! So funny! :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. DJ you are as young looking today as in those other pictures, in fact I think you look better! Except the one picture I had flashback alright! Don't ever cut your hair short. Love you and pray you had a great birthday, missed you yesterday, it was fun singing with Michelle for the first time!

    Kathy Isom

  5. Michelle, I had a friend who used a needle to seperate her eyelashes too. We were so freaky about it....I mean our eyelashes couldn't touch. I laugh at the sillyness of it now! As for the tan, I had been in Colorado for a couple of months the summer before my Senior year. Growing up in the South I was always tan, in fact I didn't even know I was fair skinned until I moved to Oregon and lost my tan for the first time. Oh boy was I shocked! LOL

    Kathy, you are so kind....thank you! I know, I had the same flashback too. Don't worry, I'll never cut my hair short again. I did have a good birthday even though I was getting sick that day. Fortunately, we went and had an early dinner at Plaza before it hit me hard that night. By evening I was really sick. EW! I missed you too yesterday, but I'm so glad you had fun singing with Michelle!



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