Thursday, April 2, 2009

Driving Too Fast!

I got stopped for speeding the other day...

I thought I could talk my way out of it

until the policeman looked at my

dog in the back seat!

One Sign You're Driving Too Fast........

This one is destined to become a classic! If this doesn't make you laugh or at least smile ... you need to think seriously about getting professional assistance. This is too funny! (FYI, I didn't get stopped for speeding.....I just wanted to share this because I thought it was so cute!)


  1. That is funny! The poor little dog;-) Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday to answer my question about leeks. I cook with onions a lot and love the flavor. I will definitely have to add leeks to our diet soon. Also wanted to comment on the waterfall pictures in yesterday's post...beautiful;-)

    Have a Peace-filled day.


    Mary Anne

  2. DJ!! for a minute I thought you were like the rest of us and really did get stopped for speeding!! That is too funny....Missed you last praying! Love ya, Carol

  3. i loved it!!! I needed that smile today!!

  4. So cute! Poor little doggy. :)

  5. That is too funny!!! I love it!


  6. So glad it made all of you smile today! Carol, sorry to fake you out like that. Thanks for your prayers and I missed you too. I hope to be well and back to normal life soon!



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