Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tag I'm It

Ok, so I have been tagged to play this game of "Eights," by Tanya at Miller Racing Family, Leah at Live Life Simply, Molly at Shamrocks 4 Him and Kathy at Mimi's Garden. Please take the time to visit their blogs, as well as the blogging friends I have tagged at the bottom of this post. I know you will enjoy them, as much as I do. These are some of my favorite blogs, along with a couple of new ones, that I follow and they are quickly becoming great blogging friends. Ok, so here is my list...

8 things I am looking forward to...

1. Getting healthy and getting my voice back, so I can sing again.
2. Getting into shape
3. Going to the beach again
4. Summer and warm weather
5. planting flowers in my yard
6. Having grandbabies someday
7. Taking lots of pictures of my future grandbabies
8. Spending the rest of my life enjoying my husband, my kids and grandbabies

8 things I did yesterday...

1. Slept in
2. Got take out from Plaza Jalisco (My favorite!)
3. Tried on my new shoes and admired them :)
4. Painted my toenails
5. Helped my daughter put highlights in her hair
6. Listened to music
7. Went to church, heard a great message, and chatted with friends
8. Caught up on some blogging

8 things I wish I could do...

1. Be a photographer
2. Pack some food and go somewhere and take pictures from sunrise to sunset!
3. Go back to Idaho Falls and Bend on vacation
4. Go and see my family in Texas and my brother and his family in Washington
5. See my son, Michael and his fiance, Jaymie more often
6. Spend some time with my friend Liz, who lives about an hour away
7. See my family, that lives near, more often
8. Live on an island with all the exotic fruit I could ever want

8 shows I watch...

(I don't really watch much tv, but these are the shows, I have watched and do enjoy)

1. American Idol (I do watch this every week)
2. 24 (watched the first 6 seasons on video and love this show)
3. NCIS (I absolutely love this show)
4. America's Next Top Model
5. Heroes
6. Biggest Loser
7. Kitchen Nightmares
8. Lost

8 people I tag...

1. Sara at make music from the heart to the Lord
2. Mama Belle at The Bayou Belles and their Beau
3. Kelly at Simplistic Treasures
4. H-Mama at Family Team
5. Beth at betheelou's Xanga
6. Momma at All This Is True
7. Hollie at Something To Talk About
8. Kathi at Feathering My Nest


  1. DJ- you forgot to put 'The Bachelor' on tv shows :) LOL I loved reading your 'eights' so glad you did them. And oh so jealous you had Plaza last night! Yum Yum!!! :)

  2. Debra, I'm enjoying getting to know you! I loved reading all of this about you. I'll try to do this soon.

  3. I'm not one to turn down a game of tag so thanks for including me!

  4. It's great to get to know you better Debra. I will try to work this game in. It looks like fun. Kathi

  5. Michelle, Plaza Jalisco is sooo good, but I've got to quit eating it, or I will never shed these 13 pounds I've gained! Ugh! :(

    H-Mama, Hollie and Kathi, I'm so glad y'all are going to play the game and I too, am excited to get to know all of you better!

  6. yay! glad you played along. :)

  7. Leah, sorry it took me so long! :)


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