Friday, April 10, 2009

What IS Proper Blogging/Commenting Etiquette?

I'm hoping someone can answer this question about commenting for me because I'm just not sure what the proper etiquette is.

When I want to respond to a comment someone has left on my I supposed to respond with a comment on MY blog or do I respond in a comment on THEIR blog?

I've been checking out other blogs to see what they do and I've seen both ways of responding, so which is it? I've also noticed, that there are some bloggers who don't respond at all or if they do, it is very rare and I know that is NOT proper blogger etiquette! Therefore, I am SO confused!

If any of you bloggers out there can help me out with this, I would appreciate it. Thanks!


  1. I'm not an expert on Blog etiquette, but I usually comment back on their blog. Just in case they don't stop back by my blog or whatever. If they have an email on their blog, I will use that also depending on what the comment was pertaining to. Hope that helps. :)

  2. haha, I've always wondered this myself.
    I'll be checking back for the answer.

  3. Thanks Sarah and Leah for responding so quickly. Lately, I have been commenting back on THEIR blog, but then I'm sure my readers think I'm not responding at all because they don't see a reply on MY blog. Then again, there have been times I've responded on MY blog and I've noticed that they haven't stopped back by.

    I do think it makes it easier when I respond on THEIR blog because at least they will see the response without having to revisit my blog looking for the reply.

    I am anxious to hear everyone's answer!

  4. Hey Debra,

    I typically comment back on their blog too so I know they see it. I'm not sure what the proper way to do it is though!

    Have a blessed Easter!

  5. Good question! I'll be interested in knowing what everyone has to say. I usually just comment back on their blog.

  6. Hi Debra,

    I'm new to blogging and have wondered about this too. I have been commenting back on the other person's blog, because like you say, they may not come back to check for comments at my blog.

    Have a Glorious Easter;-)


    Mary Anne

  7. I do both and sometimes I comment back by email. I am not sure what is proper. I think that I usually only comment on my own when I think other people want to know the answer. But if it is just to that person, I comment on their blog or by email.

    I think we should all post this question and find out!!

  8. I'm not sure on this one either, I guess I just try to find an email and reply to that.

  9. I was wondering the exact question! Ha... I'm such a newbie. Thanks for your comments on my blog, Debra. ;)

    Oh... the Jasmine picture. No, that was a fluke. Ha...

  10. Thank you, to all of you who have responded to my question. It's great hearing how you all do it. I will be researching this and will do a follow up post this week.

    Sara, I'm glad you posted this question on your blog also, hopefully we will get the answer!

  11. i've been slack this week with my comments, so i'm getting in on the end of this discussion. i am like most of the commenters in that i comment back on their blog. unless (like in this post) my comment might help others or aid in understanding the post.

    sorry it's been a while since i've been around :)

  12. Ok bloggy friends, after discussing this with my husband and doing some research, I believe I have the answer, but I would like to research it further. Monday, I will do a post answering this perplexing question with all of the information I have gathered, so be looking for it. I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter tomorrow.

  13. I had a lady who reads my blog a lot send me emails when she was responding to the comments I left on her blog. This confused me for a while because how did she get my email? Well, after a little research I have found out that I can have all of the comments sent to my email. Therefore, I can reply back to the person who left the comment through email. If for some reason I don't have their email when the comment is left, I will respond back on their blog if need be. Isn't it crazy how something so simple can get so complex. I hope this helps a little. I can't wait to check out the proper method of responding. Have a wonderful day!

  14. I've seen this question going around the blogosphere lately!! I try to comment back on the person's blog! This way they see the response (In case they don't come back to mine!) I sometime will comment on mine too if I see it adding to the discussion to the other comments on the post!

    Honestly I don't think there's a right way to do this! Just do what feels right for you!!

  15. Jenieshell, here I am finding myself unsure about whether I should respond to you here on my blog or on yours, so I guess I will do both. Thank you for your contribution to this subject...I think you are right on, with what you said about "doing what feels right for you."

    I guess I'm still trying to figure out what feels right for me. :)


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