Friday, May 1, 2009

Flashback Friday

Andy loved his 3 wheeler and he loved riding at Jones Beach! I would go with him sometimes, like this particular day, when I snapped a few pictures of him. Other times, he would go and ride with the guys. They always had a blast!

I was thankful that he wore a helmet and riding boots because he was quite the dare devil!

These days were so much fun!

Like father like son and daughter! Here's Michael on Daddy's 3 wheeler!
and here's Kasey on the little motorized 4 wheeler! We started them young, I guess.
We actually bought this little 4 wheeler for Michael before he was even old enough to ride it and it lasted through him and Kasey both. It was a great little thing and they loved riding it!
This is me strapping my helmet on and gettin' ready to do some serious riding on the sand dunes in Florence. I think this was the year that Debbie wrecked and was pinned under the 4 wheeler. Thank goodness Andy went looking for her. I can't remember exactly, but she either sprained or fractured her wrist, but other than that, she was ok. Although the gasoline did spill out on her and I do remember that burning her skin and it was a long trip home. Poor thing...that was miserable.
Oh boy, those were the good old days, when we were care free and did dangerous things at a blink of an eye. It's a wonder we lived through it!


  1. trainin' 'em up in the way they should go. love it! :D

  2. my brother used to race 4 wheelers when he was a bit younger. we didn't ride them when we were kids, my dad was an orthopedist and forbid us to ride anything but a car!!!

  3. Can I just say...O My Goodness! But it looks like fun!

    As for the header for my blog it is really easy - go to sign up for a free acct. You can create a digital scrap page - they have lots of free stuff - backgrounds, stickers, shapes and you add your pics and text.

    When you got the page like you want save it then go to "file" and I think it says "export as JPEG" which then bring a prompt to save it to you computer - name it; save it and then go into your blogger acct and edit the header - you will add the picture from your computer - instead of the header and shrink to fit.

    I think that is it. email me if you have any problems.


  4. Sara, your dad was probably smart because it is such a dangerous sport. We had a teenager that lived down the road from us, die from flipping his 4 wheeler. So sad! I can understand how your dad would feel that way being an Orthopedist and seeing injuries day in and day out.

    Denise, I couldn't find the free backgrounds, everything I chose, you had to have credits for. I'm sure it is as easy as you say, so I guess I should just wait until I can concentrate and think more clearly. I'll try again though. Thanks for the website and instructions.

  5. Someone suggested we buy adjoining property and make our own riding track. How long has it been since you went riding?

    One of my favorite things!!

    So glad we posted about riding!

  6. Aaaah, you must have taste like me! HaHa Always going for the expensive stuff. Actually everything I don't use the credits, everything on my header was free. Just takes some time to go through. When you are looking at the different stickers, backgrounds, etc you can run your mouse over the image and it will have a credit icon in one of its upper corners. Makes it a little quicker to find the free stuff.

    Hope you find some freebies and are able to use it.


  7. Sorry I am just now getting around to reading posts. I have been spring cleaning all weekend.
    Now that looks like family fun. I love all the photos. I really like the picture of Michael and daddy's four wheeler. Have a blessed Monday!

  8. Beth ~ to answer your's been quite awhile since I've been riding. A few years ago Andy and I went for a ride on a Harley, but we didn't go far. Andy bought an awesome 4 wheeler about 6 or 7 years ago.....oh man that thing was fast, but after he took a spill and separated his shoulder, he decided to sell it. I'll tell you how tough he is though....he separated his shoulder, went to the emergency room, went straight home and showered and changed his clothes and then went to church and preached. He is one strong man!

    Denise ~ my husband is always saying I'm an expensive date. LOL He always laughs when we're shopping because I will be drawn to something and then, we'll look at the price tag and it's always expensive. I don't know why that is because i don't buy expensive things.....I tell my husband I can't help it if I have really good taste! Thanks for the heads up about the free stuff...I'll check it out. :)

    Tanya ~ it's ok, I'm behind on my blogging also and I'm hoping to get caught up soon. I hope you got all of your spring cleaning done.



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