Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some things......you just never grow too old for!

Here are Michael and Jaymie, as they start setting up the dominos for their Domino Challenge! (As you can see in the background of some of these pics.....I'm still unpacking, so don't mind the things that are sitting around where they don't belong.)

Notice their audience........Cheetoh and Ling ling. I was so afraid Cheetoh was going to knock over the dominoes, but he never did. He just wanted to be close to Michael! I think the cats really miss him a lot!

Michael working on yet another fun attempt.

***(Pause my music player in the upper right sidebar before clicking on these videos!)

Ok, so sometimes I don't think things through, like I should. I took these videos with my little point and shoot camera and I forgot that I can't turn the camera sideways, while taking video. I tried to rotate it upright, but it won't let me. Sorry, I guess you'll have to look at it sideways. This is attempt # 1 of their domino challenge!

Attempt # 2 of the domino challenge.

Attempt # 3 of the domino challenge.

Attempt # 4 of the domino challenge.
Ok, so I guess there are.........some things...I...never grow too old for! lol We had some fun, with Michael's remote control car that we gave him for Christmas, when he was still in high school. I had so much fun, chasing Ling ling with it, and watching her attack it!


  1. that looks like you all had fun! i love dominoes and so do my kiddies. your post made me want to get the dominoes out, except that it's after 10pm here :) maybe tomorrow!

  2. I LOVED this!! and it was so great seeing your kids have fun trying to get the perfect domino trick!!! My sound is not working but I had great fun watching it!

  3. Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to mention for those of you who don't know....Jaymie is Michael's fiance. My daughter Kasey was just getting home from work, so she wasn't in the pics or videos.

  4. DJ- The video's were so fun to watch! :) Looks like they had tons of fun. Was this when they were here just a few weeks ago? Are you feeling better? Miss you! xoxo

  5. Yes, Michelle, this was a couple of weeks ago, when they were here visiting for a couple of days. I am feeling a little better today, but I'm still struggling to breathe and sleepy, due to the lack of oxygen....thanks for asking. Miss you too. xoxo

  6. this is great, debra! these are the memories we remember for a lifetime... the little things in life. sweet.

  7. How fun was that! Enjoyed the videos. Don't worry...you're not the only one who doesn't always think things through. I have tons of videos that we have to watch laying on our sides. lol

  8. I guess we never really grow up do we??

    These were great videos.

    I see Daddy got in on it too!

  9. The dominoes videos were fun to watch!! Great family time.



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