Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Ok, so there's no way I can stay wordless on this one! This is my favorite of the hummingbird pics I took. Isn't it awesome? I love it's colors and it's wings are so beautiful! I think this is one of my best photos, so far.
It seemed like it cocked it's head and was lookin' at me in this one. As you can see by his slightly ruffled feathers, it's starting to get windy outside.
Now this little guy is sportin' the wind blown look! Notice how fluffy he looks. I don't know how to tell if they are male or female, so I will just refer to it, as a male.
This one cracked me up because the wind started blowing ferociously and I was afraid it was going to knock him off of there. Look how he closed his eyes and hung on for dear life! Oh, I wish you could have been here to see it. Poor thing.....I laughed so hard!
This is the same little guy as the pic directly above. He decided to come back about an hour later.
I love this one because it shows the green color on his back!
I took these last two pics, just as he was landing, on the feeder.
I love that I caught him with his wings outstretched! I have so many more pics, so I might just have to post more of my favorites, next Wednesday.


  1. Those pictures are great! I can't believe you were able to get so many pictures of a hummingbird. Often times when I've seen them they move away so quickly!! Great pictures!!

  2. those are awesome!!! hard to get such great pictures of a hummingbird. You did good, girl!

  3. such great pictures, simply amazing. I can't get them to stay, long enough to take a picture.

  4. amazing... love these pix, debra!!

  5. Wow-those are awesome pics. Do you have a fancy camera? This morning I took a picture of a giant pothole on our road. Hmm. Not as pretty, for sure. I'm sorry I spoiled the ending of Biggest Loser for you! I forget to put "spoiler alert" in my titles, but i think surely people can tell where I'm headed before the end. Anyway, Hope I didn't really ruin it for you.

  6. Love the first pic.It looks like it came from a magazine!Don't you just love it when you capture pretty shots like that?

  7. DJ- The first and last picture are truly AWESOME!!!! You must have figured out some new tricks on your camera to get such an awesome shot of those wings in action :)

  8. Believe me, it was difficult because they are fast little things, but I was very determined to get some pics of them. I'm so tickled all of you liked them!

    Yes, Monica I do love it when I capture pretty shots....I wanted to squeal with fact I think I did!

    2nd Cup of Coffee, you make me laugh...I'd love to see the pic of the giant pothole! To answer your husband bought me a Canon Rebel xsi from Costco for christmas and I love it. It came with two lenses and my favorite is the zoom lens, that I used for these hummingbird pics. As for Biggest Loser, don't worry you didn't ruin it for me, I can still watch it!

    Michelle, no new tricks, in fact after I took these pics I started playing with the settings and turned up the shutter speed, to see if I could freeze the action while they were in flight, but they never came back. Guess I'll have to try it next time.

    Thanks for all of your comments, y'all made this amateur photographer wannabe, feel pretty good! :)

  9. those are amazing pictures!!! you did a great job!!!

  10. Wow, now those are some great photos. I love the pictures of the hummingbird landing. Thanks for sharing these with us, you always take wonderful photos. Have a blessed Wednesday!

  11. One of my favorite little birds!!

    I haven't had any come by my feeders...I did see one fly by recently. I got some new feeders, I am hoping they work!!

    Drop by my sight to see something exciting!

  12. aww one of my fav birds. Great pictures.

  13. WOW, those are awesome photo's.
    I just love hummingbirds and have taken a few cool pics of them!!

  14. Sara G, I love your hummingbird pics too! I really enjoyed looking at all of them!

    Momma, Tanya, Beth, and A "cheery" disposition, thank you for all of your very kind and encouraging comments. I do have a love for photography and I'm hoping to learn more and get better at it.


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