Thursday, May 7, 2009

You Just Gotta Laugh When....Your Life Becomes Sermon Fodder

This is for all of you Pastor's wives out there.......I'm sure some of you can relate.......I know I can! If you haven't already seen this, you really have to watch the whole thing because the song is awesome. It is so funny, I mean I really got a kick out of it! You're gonna love it! Oh, and if you can relate......make sure you show this to your husband.....I'm sure you both will have some fun with it. :)

***(Pause my music player over on the right before clicking on this video!)


  1. that was HILARIOUS!!! I can't wait to show that to my husband! We have a rule in our house..he has to ask permission before he talks about any of us in the pulpit!

  2. that was hilarious! i am emailing it to my husband....maybe he'll share it with the pastors at work. ha ha.

  3. i've seen this... and yes, my hubby and I can BOTH relate to it! ha... maybe i can laugh more now that i'm not there anymore?? hmmm... so funny. ;) thanks for sharing.

    oh, and thanks for the thong tong advice! i'll file that one away. too funny!

  4. I can relate! Happens all the time. Sometimes I just wish for an invisible button.

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  6. Oh my gosh... I have to send that to my friends... that is so cute.

    My white dog is a Maltese chihuahua and the new one is a full blooded chihuahua.. I hope I am not asking for trouble.. my Malchi is not a yapper.. so I hope the new one will follow suit.. lol

    No we did not make it to the top of the hill.. we were going to go again and keep going until we did... but it has rained every day since the first day.. and tomorrow we are headed to Idaho for two days. But I will try again before I head home.

  7. I believe that this video is a total misrepresentation of the facts of the use of illustrations in Preaching.

    The Stories are always told with love and compassion with the utmost respect given to the one to whom I am talking about.

    I could also say that the lives of the wives of preachers are an extension of the Pastor and so in all honesty we are only commenting on our own selves.


    My question is, Where is the Video of the over zealous Pastors wife with a bottle of white out or the comment on the other stupid things that we say???

    this is my story and I am sticking with it!

  8. Hahaha, ok I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type. My husband (Andy) thinks he is so funny...ok he IS kind of funny, I have to admit.

    Ok let me get to his comment now......

    A misrepresentation of the facts of the use of illustrations in preaching....UMMM, I don't think so, but nice try honey! And...since I'm an extension of you and you are commenting on yourself....then make sure you use the name ANDY when telling your stories. lol :) Are you calling me over zealous? Bottle of white out? What? Are you saying that I correct you and comment on the stupid things you say? Bahhhh! You're so funny! I only do it with love and compassion and the utmost respect! lol OH, HOW I LOVE YOU!!! *smooch, smooch*

  9. haha that is so funny my pastor's wife definitely came to mind when reading this! Your husband is so funny in his comment as well! Thanks for all the prayers about the job!

  10. This was so cute. Are you a pastor's wife? I'm sorry I didn't realize this before if you are. This is something I need to pass on to my cousin and a few other pastor's wives. Thanks for sharing. Kathi ps which church?

  11. Kathi, yes I am a pastor's wife of 12 years now. Newlife Baptist Church!

    Sara, I think that is a great rule!

    Carol, I laughed when I read your comment...only because I was thinking A MUTE BUTTON would be better. hahahaha, I do crack myself up!!!

    Glad you all enjoyed the video, as much as I have! Keep passing it on, to all of those pastor's wives out there, who need a good laugh! :o)

  12. OK ... that was funny.

    And your comment about the underwear had me rolling. Thanks for that.

  13. i LOVE it!!! hilarious!!!!!!

  14. You are so welcome, Mama Belle...glad you had a good laugh!

  15. Christie RobertsMay 14, 2009 at 3:31 PM

    After 35+ years of ministry your brother in law who is also a pastor knows better than to use me in a sermon illustration! hee hee....cute song!
    Christie (a fellow pw!)

  16. Christie, I would think after 35+ years, he SHOULD know better! hee hee

    I do have to wonder, how many years it took, for him to learn not to. hmmm?

  17. Oh, thank goodness he doesn't do THAT to ME! He should be thankful that he doesn't do that! (I know revenge is the Lord's but... ;) )



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