Saturday, May 2, 2009

Worship and Praise Sunday ~ Complete

***(don't forget to pause my music player in the right sidebar, before playing the video)

Today I am sharing Complete by Parachute Band

I tried to choose a favorite part of this song, but I couldn't, I love every word of it!

Please hop on over to my friend Brittany's blog at SweetNothings, where she is hosting Worship and Praise Sunday and you can listen to more great songs. There you will also find instructions, if you would like to link up, to add your song/video.

If you would like to listen to all of the Worship and Praise videos I have shared thus far......scroll down to LABELS in my right sidebar and simply click on Worship and Praise Sunday.


  1. I'm not sure if I've ever heard this song, but I love it! Thanks for sharing! =D

  2. i feel like i say this every week, but i've never heard this song before. i am beginning to think that i don't know many worship songs :)

    this is great! thanks for sharing!!

  3. I totally agree with you about every word of this song being wonderful. Again, another wonderful song of worship I had not heard yet either! Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed week!

  4. (((((hugs))))) Debra... hope you are feeling much better and stronger soon!

  5. Debra - we have some similar taste in music! I tried to find this song by Parachute Band to post last week. I love it. Great song! :)

  6. Beautiful Debra! I love the part where it says "Touch me now, let your love fall down on me." Another song that I haven't heard! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. I love this song and I *love* Parachute Band!

  8. Isn't this song awesome? I love it and I'm glad you all liked it too.

    H-Mama ~thanks for the hugs....that made me feel better. *grin*

    Hollie ~you should join us next week for Worship and Praise Sunday! I already left you a comment on your blog, but I just thought I'd mention it again.

  9. So I am losing it! I thought I commented on this song last night but I guess I didn't. I remember loving the part about letting go of fears, which is hard for a worrier. I guess it is better late than never. Thanks for sharing this song and thanks so much for introducing me to the Hurricane song. You are such a wonderful blogging buddy!

  10. Tanya, you're so funny. LOL Your welcome and you're a wonderful blogging buddy also! :)

  11. Debra,

    Such a wonderful song! Thanks for visiting my is such an encouragement that you like my digital creations and blog banner. :) I would encourage you to take an intro to Photoshop class...they have them online and they help out so much! I am sure you can do it. I am not that great with programs and I feel like I have so much more to learn, but it is definitely worth the time. Have a wonderful day and God bless! You have a lovely family. Makes me miss mine! :)


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