Friday, May 15, 2009

Flashback Friday

This picture of Kasey, just melts my heart! It's hard to believe, my baby is going to be 20 yrs old, in September. My goodness how time flies when you're having fun. I would give anything, if I could just turn back time, so I could hold my babies, sing to them and rock them to sleep, just one more time! Those were such precious times for me, as a mom and I'll cherish them, forever. These young mothers of today are missing out greatly. I never hear of them rocking their babies to sleep anymore and I think that is so sad.

This pic of Kasey, was taken at Grandma and Grandpa Robert's house, on their back deck. Isn't she adorable? Her smile just warms my heart! You'd never know by her constant smiles, what she had been through and was still going through, at this point in her little life. To think that we almost lost her so many just makes me shudder, as I remember it, like it was yesterday. Looking at this pic, you'd never know, that she had a Kasai procedure at 7 1/2 weeks old and then a liver transplant at 7 months old and was being pumped full of drugs and steroids to keep her alive. She was such a happy little trooper! Now, she has turned into a beautiful young woman and her smile......well, it still melts my heart.

I love you, Kasey Ann!


  1. That is such a cute picture. You always amaze me with your love for your children.
    Hope you have a blessed day!

  2. That is such a cute picture of Kasey! And she is beautiful. :) And I still think alot of ladies still rock their babies to sleep :) Tera does it with all of her kids, even her bigger ones :) Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  3. what a wonderful picture! she has a beautiful smile - and a great life story of God's faithfulness, too!

  4. She looks so precious, well of course she still is. It's funny how I find more time to hold, hug, kiss, and rock Zoey and Kara than I did my own. While I did the others, never as much as these two. Hope you are enjoying our warm weather!

  5. Thank you, Tanya, Michelle, momma and Kathy, for your sweet comments. I know there are young moms that do still rock their babies, but I've talked to so many, that just plain won't take the time to do it. They're missing out!

  6. this is just precious, debra! such a sweet face! your daughter favors you... both beautiful.

    i loved rocking my babies. i sometimes wish i could go back too... less sleep deprived. ;)

  7. Thanks H-Mama, you're so sweet! :)


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