Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jumpin' Grasshoppers!

We had hundreds of these grasshoppers jumpin' all over our yard this past summer, so of course you know, I just had to get some pics of them!
Love those little "bug eyes!"
They're fast little creatures, so it was a challenge to get some good shots. Unfortunately, they're just not into photo shoots!
But the biggest problem was this here "Camouflage Kitty" hiding out in the weeds. Do you see her? She looks like a sweet kitty doesn't she? HA! I think those poor little grasshoppers felt like they were in a Godzilla movie or something. Here they were....minding their own business.....and then.....Giant Godzilla Kitty would pounce on them and have them for lunch! Made it very difficult to take pictures....just as I would point my camera toward one, she would jump on it. I tell you, I felt like an accomplice to murder. It was so sad! *sniffle* Just so you know, I tried to fight off Godzilla Kitty the best I could and I saved many of their little lives. Hooray! Godzilla Kitty has been conquered!!!


  1. Great shot of the grasshoppers! The kitty looks like an African Lion!

  2. Great Pictures... almost didn't see the kitty!!!

  3. I almost missed the kitty too. Great pix, Debra. Grasshoppers. All over your yard? Shivers. ;)

  4. I really had to look to see that kitty. Cool pics! I like your blog...

    Come visit me sometime:

    Heavenly Humor

  5. Camouflage Kitty is too funny,
    Fab blog banner, your photos are lovely

  6. I loved the camouflage kitty. You are getting so good with your photos. The first one is great.
    Have a wonderful day!


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