Saturday, November 21, 2009

Welcome Heidi Elyse Davidson ~ born 11-03-09

Jim, Mandy, Cadence and Heidi Elyse! Cadence cracked me up when she stuck her tongue out. What a beautiful family! (click on pictures to enlarge)
Heidi Elyse: 8pds and 21 inches long
Doing what babies do.........Eat!
So precious!
Here she is happy and content and ready for a nap after filling her tummy!
Cadence crawled up in Heidi's crib, so of course I had to get some shots of her!
So cute!
Cadence doing what little girls do.........Monkey around!
I love this picture!
She is such a pretty little thing and I'm so excited to finally get some good shots of her. I've tried before, but she just doesn't sit still, so they're always blurry from her constantly moving. Whew! I finally captured her!


  1. It's precious to see these pictures. Having known them before they were even a family and now to see these two beautiful babies God has given them. Ah, it warms my heart. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great photos of a beautiful family!

  3. the pictures are beautiful!!! And that baby is just precious!

  4. What a pretty baby! Wow, Cadence looks just like her momma!! Great pictures!

    ~Emily H.

  5. I love her name! Cadence! So pretty! Heidi is adorable too! A lovely family!

  6. It always feel good to get a good photo of the child - you did get her. MB

  7. Beautiful! Congratulations, and God bless.



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