Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lesson 6 : Composition ~ Hannah!

Lesson 6: Composition

Canon Rebel XSi, Focal Length 50.0 mm, Manual mode, f/4.0, Shutter Speed 1/320, ISO 400, Composition- Leading Lines.
The leading lines of the Pigeon steps lead you directly to my subject, while the line of the cement wall also creates a straight line to my subject. (I think I could have tilted my camera a little more.) I also tried to place her eye line across the top third line of the photograph!

*** Here are mine and my teacher's comments...
deje34 [Oct 19, 2009 at 03:47 AM]
This wasn't the best time of day to take this photo (4:00 PM), while the sun was still out, but I waited several days for a break from the rain and was lucky enough to get an hour where the sun came out. By the time I picked up my friend's daughter I had about 20 minutes to get some shots of her. This was a shady spot, but I'm not happy with how bright the right side of her face is. When I tried lowering the ISO, it created shadow on the left side of her face.....what could I have done about this?

candice*stringham [Nov 03, 2009 at 11:42 PM]
Debra- I think the lighting on her face is wonderful. She has great catchlights in her eyes, and the shadows fall softly on the right side. I don't think the left side is too bright at all- the shadows add depth so that she doesn't end up looking like a cardboard cutout. The overall composition shows a great use of leading lines, from the curving wall on the left to the tracks on the right. Very nice portrait.

deje34 [Nov 04, 2009 at 07:08 AM]
Candice thank you again for your comment! I'm still learning what a good portrait is supposed to look like and what lighting is good or bad. I still have a lot more to learn, but I'm getting there. I'm so glad that I got the composition right and I'm glad I captured a good portrait. Yay!!!


  1. You got a great review from your teacher. I appreciate that you put both of your comments on along with the picture. It helps me learn too.
    I'm impressed with the way you set this photo up. That was a lot to remember when setting her pose!

  2. Thanks Mari, it's so hard to remember everything. There was so much involved in the Composition lesson....Previsualization, The Rule of Thirds, Framing, Leading lines, contrast, weight, balance, positive vs. negative space, and focus....WHEW! Fortunately we were able to choose which compositional rules to use for our assignment. I chose Leading Lines and Rule of Thirds.

    I'm sad the class is over, but now I can just focus on practicing everything I've learned and hopefully by the time I take the Portrait class in the spring, I will have it all down pat.

    I will continue to post my practice photos along with some of the things I've learned from the class. I can't wait til my computer is fixed, so I can actually get to my photos (that is, if I haven't lost them, but I won't even think that way!)

  3. DJ, I think you did great on the photo of Hannah, and I also loved the own of little Owen. You are becoming quite the professional. :) And I'll be here this weekend, just maybe not on Sat. because I have a baby shower in Vernonia. So you'll see me :) and I'll see you tomorrow! Love you! Can't wait for fried burritos (hint,hint) :)

  4. Hi Debra... thank you for coming by and saying hi. I haven't had much time on the computer and down with a bug again.

    I love your photos, where are you taking a class at? I bet you have a great time you are good. I hope all is well with you.

  5. Michelle, I thought you were gone the whole weekend, but am so glad you will be singing with us on Sunday...I would have missed you terribly! As for the burritos...Andy is making me wait...I'll tell you why on Sunday, but don't worry it will be soon. :)

    Joy, I'm so sorry you are sick again...I hopoe it's not the swine flu. The class I took was an online beginners photography class geared to teach me how to use my Canon Rebel XSi digital camera plus some photography lessons as well. The website is... She will be offering the class again. What kind of camera do you have? Hope you get well soon.

  6. Debra,I have been playing with my camera. Unfortunately, that is exactly what I am doing playing...'cuz I am clueless. :o)

    It was fun at the beach, though, to try and get different shots. I am going to have to check out Jessica Sprague and see if I can learn how to use the Canon with purpose and insight! :o)

    Thanks for posting all these pointers though, gives me more ideas!


  7. Denise, the beginners digital photgraphy class I took will be offered again in March or April I believe and it teaches you how to use your camera.


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