Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost There!

We're almost there. Whew, finally! Tomorrow they will start laying the carpet, as you can see they already laid the pad. If we pass the final inspection, we will start moving in. We have a few things that still need to be done, like finish putting some trim above a few of the windows and some touch up painting here and there and also we need to paint the front door and all of the interior doors, but that can be done gradually. I'm so excited that I can't sleep. I'm thinking of all the things I need to go and buy.....like shower curtains for one.

Kitchen is almost complete! The countertops will be finished in the morning and the sink will be put in too. (Oh and the island is not staying white....I have to paint it). The lighting keeps making everything look too dark or too light. In this picture the floor, cabinets and walls look a little darker than what they are. The picture below is pretty much the true colors....as you can see the floor is lighter than the above pic.

The wood floor has a thick layer of dust on it, so you can't see just how beautiful it really is.

This is the granite tile countertop that will be grouted and finished tomorrow.

The masterbath countertop has been grouted.

The guest bath countertop has been grouted.

This picture almost looks like a painting! Click on it and see what I mean. I took this off of my covered porch outside the masterbedroom. It is such a gorgeous view!!!


  1. What a nice Christmas present for you and Andy! I can't wait to see it with furniture and decorations. I am envious that you have a home that you designed, built, painted and decorated the way YOU want! Have a blessed Christmas DJ :-)
    Love, Beth

  2. Well, we don't have much furniture right now, we've given most of it away, so I will be on the hunt for just the right pieces. I want an unfinished entertainmemnt center, so I can paint it black and distress it. In fact I am hoping to find the coffee table, end tables, sofa table and night stands at garage sales and then I can strip them and paint and distress them also. I will have to strip and paint my hutch because it won't match. I guess I will be stuck painting for quite awhile. Ugh! I have to admit I'm getting a little tired of it. We might buy a new couch, but not sure yet. I'd love to have a huge sectional.

    The whole process of building has been pretty stressful and exhausting, just like everyone told us it would be and I'm not sure I would ever do it again. Of course if we did, now at least we know how to do it....you learn so much as you go through the process.

    You have a blessed Christmas too Beth! Love you, DJ

  3. deje, congrats on your new home, it is beautiful, and i love your views, what a nice christmas present, merry christmas, love you suzy

  4. Thanks Suzy Q! I'll see you at church tonight and I'll be able to give you a Merry Christmas hug :) Love you, Deje

  5. Merry Chistmas!! A new house, and a White Christmas, I hope you are up early enough to watch the snow fall. What a rare thing for us here on the coast

  6. Yes, Kathy the snow was so beautiful! Won't be on the internet much until we get it hooked up at the new house. Just came by to pick up some clothes and things. It's so nice being in our new home! Thank you for the goodies and the eggnog bread is really good!!! Love you, DJ

  7. Christal sayes: The house is looking Fabulous!!!! Can't wait to see it when its finished!!!

  8. Christal, hopefully soon I will be able to take pics of the finished product. Dale and Andy are working on the granite tile counter tops and backsplash right now. When I left Andy was cutting the granite and Dale was placing it on the wall under the kitchen cabinets. It is going to look fabulous when it is all done.


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