Monday, December 29, 2008

We're Finally Home!

It's so good to finally be home! Even though we still have some work to do, we're really enjoying our new home. We will get everything finished, slowly but surely. Tomorrow we will have our appraisal and this morning we finally got the insulation blown into the ceiling, so the house should feel a lot warmer now. The snow and ice held a few things up for us, but that's ok, at least we were still able to move in. Now the last thing we are waiting for is the garage door and we should be getting that this week.

I will be taking some more pictures to put on here when we get a few more things done. I guess I should probably change the Christmas songs on my music player too, but I'm just not ready to do that just yet. I want to here the song that I have playing a little more...


  1. I am so excited for you! All the hard work has payed off. I look forward to seeing some pictures of the new "moved in" home!! Love you guys!

    ~Emily Houston

  2. Thanks Emily, love you too! :)

  3. Was thinking of you and decorating. Check out this catalog for some ideas, they have inexpensive rugs and quilts and black furniture peices. Can't wait to see pictures! Happy New Year! Love, Beth

  4. did I forget to post the sight?

  5. Thanks Beth, I'll check it out....I love black furniture! Can't wait to get internet at the new house, so I can keep up on the blog and add some pics on here. Happy New Year to you and your family. Love, DJ



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