Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Girl!

Is she cute or what? I got such a thrill watching Emma twirl around trying to catch snowflakes in her mouth! She was completely mesmerized by the wonder of each falling snowflake and you could see the joy and glee all over her adorable little face. I took this picture as she was running back inside the church to get warm for only a few seconds and then she was out the door again, twirling in the dancing snowflakes. Do you see the snowflake that landed on her eyelashes? So cute!

All of the kids were having a blast throwing snowballs at each other. Ok, there were a couple of big kids that were having fun too.....Andy and Al! They were so funny! You should have seen them chasing all the kids with snow in their hands. These are the kinds of things that go on after most everyone has left the church. :)


  1. okay, so it looks like you have learned a new trick :) how did you get little snow flakes to fall on your blog page? I LOVE IT! You will totally hae to show me how. :)

  2. Michelle I will email you and tell you where I got it from, as soon as I can remember. I couldn't sleep last night, so I was searching for recipes and somewhere along the way, I happened upon a blog with snow and then I searched until I found how to do it. By then it was about 3:30 a.m. and I was sleepy, so hopefully I will be able to retrace my steps on my history and find it for you. Note to self.....write things down when I find something new and cool! LOL

  3. Aww...seeing my beautiful niece makes me homesick! I hope to be down there around Christmas. Maybe we will be able to see you while we are there!


  4. I hope would be great to see all of you!

  5. Michelle, I sent you an email with instructions on where to get snow for your blog. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

  6. Man, that girl IS a cutie!! She's also the 'twirlingest' girl I've ever known!
    Michelle H

  7. LOL Michelle, I have to agree....she IS a cutie! I wish I would have thought to video her twirling in the snowflakes. That would have been priceless!


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