Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday ~ 12-5-08

The front yard is starting to look good.......I can almost imagine it with grass!

I think the rock on the hillside will look good when it is complete!

As you can see, the sheetrock has been delivered. They will sheetrock tomorrow!

A pic of the driveway!


  1. The house is sure looking good! I have been waiting all week for pictures. I am so excited for you both, and Kasey. What a Christmas this will be for you guys. I am sure you will be so much more healthy.

  2. Thanks Kathy! They've been working on getting the plumbing and the electrical done, so their really wasn't too much to take pics of until the last few days. Now the plumbing and electrical is all done and thankfully today we passed the electrical inspection! The siding is all done too, so now they just need to finish the insulation and sheetrock. Andy said the sheetrocking should be done by Tuesday, so after that we start painting the interior. Oh and the kitchen and bathroom cabinets were delivered today. Woo hoo! Well I am hoping I will be healthier and trust me, after living in this moldy damp house, I'm sure I will be.

  3. Ok, I must be tired because I just reread my comment and I mispelled there. Ha ha, I spelled it their. :) Oh well, who cares right? Only those English majors out there!!!

  4. How exciting a new house it really is coming along. Thanks for stopping by Mommys Kitchen I love new visitors. I usually stock up on some eggnog and freeze it so I can make this bread throughout the year, so thats a thought as well. Have a nice weekend and visit again.

  5. Oh wow, I didn't know you could freeze eggnog! Thanks for the tip, now I can buy some and have it to make the bread, when I have my new oven. :) You have a nice weekend too and you can be sure I will visit your blog often.


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