Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pictures That I Promised!

Well, I got a late start today because I literally couldn't get out of bed today until 3:00 p.m. I finally pulled myself out of bed and took a hot, hot shower and was back at it around 4:00. We only worked til 1:00 a.m. tonight, but poor Andy was beat, after not getting enough sleep and putting in such long days.

Of course you had to know I would take a pic of our snowy view! Click on the pic to see what it looks like from our back deck.

The snowy view from my bedroom window!

The snowy view from our living room window! Don't mind those posts that are in the way......they will be shorter, eventually.

A pic of the snow and hail last night!

Here is a pic of the dining room! Tim was calking and puttying for hours, along with critiquing my painting job from the night before. I had the wrong kind of roller and the paint was weird and thick and it just didn't look good, so I had to use a brush for the trim, which took longer and was more work. Ugh! Tim will be happy because I went back over all of it a couple of times, with the right kind of roller to get rid of the brush strokes, so it looks good now.

The spots are sawdust in the air. Anyway, my kitchen is coming together slowly, but surely!

Dining Room!

The Living Room! That big wall was a different color, but Michelle Doney looked at it and told me that it closed in the room and made it look smaller, so she came to my rescue and picked me up, took me to Home Depot and helped me choose this color to make the room look bigger...and it does! She then helped me paint that wall, plus the entryway and the hallway. Thank you Michelle for your help and color're awesome!

Looking into Kasey's room!

My bathtub!

This is the granite tile that Dale will be putting on my bathroom countertops. Isn't it beautiful?

My Island is still incomplete for the time being, but we're gettin' there. As you can see, the big spot lights we were using, made the cabinets and paint color look a different color than what they are in this pic. You can see the difference in the other kitchen pic in this post.

Andy is sawing the hole for the sink, as Jeff works on the plumbing and hooking up the dishwasher and water line for the refrigerator. It's amazing how the camera picks up all of the dust particles in the air, that you can't even see with your eyes. Ew, we were breathing all of that in!

I can't wait to take a pic of the tile floors and countertops to show you all. Dale will be grouting the countertops and Michelle D. is going to grout the guest bathroom floor. It's going to look so beautiful!


  1. Hi DJ, I MISS YOU!!!! I love all the new pic's of your house. And I LOVE the colors you picked, they look so great. When I get ready to paint my house, you will have to help me pick out colors.

    The wii is so much fun, but seriously, you can get hurt. My arms were so sore the other night that I couldn't hardly sleep they hurt so bad. But I ordered the Wii fit, so I'm excited to get that, hopefully it will help me lose some weight! :)

    So I love all this snow, but i'm starting to get cabin fever, I have been out of the house in about a week. I don't like to drive in this stuff. My brother picked me up yesterday and we took Tanner to play in the snow. That was fun.

    Anyway, hope to see you soon. XOXO. Michelle :)

  2. Oh, everything at your new house is looking so beautiful! You may have guessed, but we will not be down for Christmas! We have almost two feet of snow and a promise for more tomorrow. We do have a killer hill next door to us for sledding though, a fun thing! Anyway, have a very Merry Christmas and I hope to see you all soon! Love ya!

    ~Emily Houston

  3. Emily, sorry you can't make it here for Christmas, would have liked seeing y'all. Enjoy the beautiful snow and sledding, sounds like fun to me. Merry Christmas and love you too.



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