Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beautiful Scenery!

There was quite a bit of ice on the roads, as we headed out of town to Portland to pick up interior doors, a kitchen sink and carpet and pad.
As we arrived back in town the sun was so bright, as it was setting, that it almost blinded us! It is difficult to get a great picture in a moving vehicle, but I think it is still beautiful.

I am in such awe of the peaceful calm in this picture, as the sun reflects on the still water! I wanted to just sit and drink it in, but we didn't have time. My wonderful husband pulled over to the side of the road just for a couple of seconds, just long enough for me to snap a couple of pics. He is so sweet to me and would have let me stay there awhile, if we hadn't had people waiting for us, at the house.

The beauty of nature was captured in this picture, as you see the weeds in the forefront, the ducks in flight, plus a few floating in the water and even a bird pirched on a piling. It looks to me like that is a hawk on the piling. Click on the picture to see a closeup. Once in awhile we will see a bald eagle out there on the pilings too. I love this picture! I LOVE SUNSETS! Oh how I would love to own a fancy camera with fancy lenses to take pictures with. I adore taking pics of scenery.....ok, I just plain adore taking pictures! I should have been a photographer.....it has always been a dream of mine....

Here is a picture of Saddle Mountain with snow on it. Remember my camera makes it look farther away than it is, so click on the pic to see what it really looks like from our deck.

I zoomed in to try and get a closeup. I wish I would have taken a pic yesterday when the ground was all white with snow.
I hope you all aren't bored with my scenery pictures......I know it is not everyone's cup of tea. Do any of you enjoy a good view as much as I do? What is your favorite scenery to look at?


  1. Debra, I am very excited to watch the progress on your new home! What a huge blessing :-)

    By the way, did you guys know that the New Life Baptist Church website is down? I listen to Pastor's (your husband's) preaching as part of my morning devotions often -- it's killing me not to be able to listen!
    I also love the music at your church so much. It speaks to my heart. Where do you get it?
    Love, Lorie Gookin gookinl@ohsu.edu

  2. Thanks for the heads up about the website, we will look into it and hopefully it will be up again, soon. As far as the music, oh man....I spend hours on the internet searching for songs and when we go to Portland, we go to the Christian bookstore and listen to Soundtracks. Sometimes you might listen to soundtracks for an hour or two and only find one good song or no good songs, but other times you might find 3 or 4, it just depends. It is especially difficult at times because we try to fit the song to the theme of the message every week. I will email you soon and give you some sites to look on for music. :)


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